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Georgia State Maps

Pre-Colonial Maps

The Indigenous People of Georgia
The Muskogee community territories are marked in blue, the Cherokee community territories are marked in green, and the Timmucua territories are marked in red.

Spanish Missions in Georgia, 1526-1686; Map 2; Map 3; Spanish Conquests

Maps of DeSoto's Travels: Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4, Map 5, Map 6

Colonial Georgia: 1733; 1733-1776

Savannah River Entrance, circa 1733; Savannah, circa 1735

Georgia, circa 1740

St. Simons Island, circa 1740 (larger map); St. Simons Island, circa 1741

Town of Frederica, circa 1742

Georgia and the Carolinas, circa 1747

Georgia, circa 1748

Inhabited Georgia, circa 1756

Georgia and Florida: circa 1757, circa 1763

Georgia: circa 1764, circa 1773-1777

Savannah, Georgia: circa 1777, circa 1778

After the American Revolution

Georgia and the Carolinas - 1784; Map 2

Georgia and the Carolinas - 1785; Map 2

Southeastern US, circa 1788

Georgia Map "from the lastest authorities", circa 1794

Georgia Map "from the lastest authorities", circa 1796

Georgia, circa 1796

Georgia and the Two Floridas from the latest authorities, circa 1796

Western Georgia (now Alabama and Mississippi), circa 1798

Southeastern US, circa 1800

Georgia, 1805

Georgia, 1822

Georgia, 1834

Georgia, circa 1846

Yazoo Land Grants, 1846

Georgia, circa 1855. Published by J.H. Coulton & Co., New York

Development of Georgia

Cherokee and Creek Lands, circa 1815

Cherokee Nation before removal

Civil War Maps

Battlesites in Georgia

Andersonville Prison Camp

Atlanta Defenses and Batteries Map

Camp McDonald, Kennesaw, Georgia (near Big Shanty)

Fort Pulaski: Exterior - Interior - Siege Map - Location - Road Map - Construction Plans - Area Map - Graveyard - Trench Profile - Siege Map 2 - Halleck's Map of Batteries Against Pulaski - Area Batteries - Union Batteries on Tybee Island - Union Batteries on Tybee Island 2 - Present Day

Fort McAllister: 1864 - Location - Outside

Forts Tattnall and Lee - 1866

Army Map - 1864

Atlanta Campaign

Coastal Forts - 1864

GA - SC Coast - 1863

Chickamauga NBP

Chickamauga Park - 1895

Chickamauga Battlefield: 1863 - 1864

Chickamauga 1864: Map 1 - Map 2

Central Murray County - 1864

Southern GA & part of SC - 1865

Middle GA & SC - 1865

Northern GA & SC - 1865


Northern AL & GA

GA Coast - Savannah River to St. Mary's River - 1861

Georgia Alabama Tennessee - 1863-1864

Union Map from Resaca to Dalton

Union Operations in Georgia and Tennessee

Kirchener's Map of the Confederacy

New York Herald Map of Georgia Operations - 1863

New York Herald Map of Tunnel Hill - 1864

Operations in NW Georgia - 1864

Marietta Operations

Lookout Mountain

Operations of Federal Troops from Chattanooga to McDonough

Union Strategy in the West

Major Battles: 1862 - 1863 - 1864 - 1865

Earthworks on St. Simons Island - 1863

Battle of Stockbridge: Map 1 - Map 2

St. Mary's River - 1865

Recon of Savannah - 1864

Earthwork Map of Sapelo Island - 1863

Union Map From Resaca to Marietta

Siege Map 1864 --- Vicinity 1864 --- 1864 Troop Movement - Atlanta --- Battle of Atlanta
Atlanta Campaign between Kingston & Atlanta --- Atlanta Campaign
Location of three major skirmishes in Battles of Atlanta on modern map
Union Map Showing Marietta to Atlanta and Vicinity --- Downtown Atlanta 1864
Atlanta Campaign - Chattanooga to Atlanta --- Federal Operations - Chattanooga to Jonesboro
Cobb County with red marks
Map after Battle of Peachtree Creek showing Federal defenses of Atlanta
Several maps of the Atlanta Campaign --- Kennesaw Mountain NBP

Military Operations of the Atlanta Campaign: Map 1 - Map 2 - Map 3 - Map 4 - Map 5

Railroads of Georgia

The Great Locomotive Chase Route

Railroad Map - 1837

Georgia and Alabama Railroad Map - 1839

Railroad Map - 1863

Transportation Maps - 1866

1865-1866 Western & Atlantic Railroad Georgia Map: Front Page - No. 1 - No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 4 - No. 5 - No. 6 - No. 7 - No. 8 - No. 9 - No. 10

Railroad Map - 1869

Railroad Map - 1874

GA & FL Inland Steamboat Co. Map - 1878

Railroad Map - 1879

Railroad Map - 1881

Southeastern US Rail Lines - 1883

Georgia Rail Lines - 1885

Railroad Map - 1886

Georgia Rail Lines - 1887

Railroad Maps: 1905 - 1916 - 1920 - 1920 #2 - 1925 - 2002

Map of Georgia & Alabama exhibiting the post offices, post roads, canals, rail roads &c. By David H. Burr. (Late topographer to the Post Office.) Geographer to the House of Representatives of the U.S.

Northwest (851k) * Northeast (694k) * Southwest (695k) * Southeast (592k)

Scan courtesy of Library of Congress, American Memory website.
This is a public domain map. This large map of Georgia & Alabama was converted from a 14,316k Mr Sid (.sid) formatted file. We have split the scan into four parts and greatly reduced the file size by JEPG compression. You may save each part on 3.5" floppy disks.

[Washington, U.S. Coast Survey], 1864.
Preliminary chart of Wassaw Sound, Wilmington and Tybee Rivers, Georgia From a trigonometrical survey under the direction of A. D. Bache, Superintendent of the survey of the coast of the United States.
By Triangulation by C. O. Boutelle, C. P. Bolles, A. W. Longfellow and Lieut. A. W. Evans, U.S.A. Assists. Topography by W. H. Dennis and C. Fendall, Sub-Assists. Hydrography by the parties under the direction of C. O. Boutelle, W. S. Edwards, Assists. and C. Fendall, Sub-Assist.1864.
Scan courtesy of Library of Congress, American Memory website. This is a public domain map. This large map of Georgia was converted from a Mr Sid (.sid) formatted file. We have cut the Georgia part of the map out scan into and greatly reduced the file size by JEPG compression. You may save on to a new 3.5" floppy disk.

Georgia 1910
Hammond Ininternational Atlas, 1910
Scan courtesy of George Stephan. We have cut the map into two sections and greatly reduced the file size by JEPG compression. You may save each on to a new 3.5" floppy disk.

North Carolina, South Carolina & and Georgia, (703k)
Map from an 1839 Atlas, published in Boston by Thomas Bradford

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