Roxbury Burial Ground, Roxbury, Suffolk co, MA

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Compiled from readings by Flora McCarty, 24 Sep 2006 [florabegora at comcast 
dot net]

Roxbury Burial Ground

Here were buried 


Thomas Dudley 1653

Joseph Dudley 1720

Chief Justice Paul Dudley 1752

Col. William Dudley 1743


John Eliot, the Apostle to the Indians 1690

Thomas Walter 1725

Nehemiah Walter 1750

Oliver Peabody 1752

Amos Adams 1775

Eliphalet Porter 1833


Benjamin Tompson, Schoolmaster and Physician, 1714

1	"Samuel Ruggles"	

Here lyes buried the body of Capt. Samuel Ruggles, aged about 57 years

2	"Joseph Ruggles"

Here lyes the body of Capt. Joseph Ruggles who died Sept the 9th, 1742 in the 47th year 

3	"Edward Ruggles"

Here lies interred the body of Deacon Edward Ruggles who departed this life Sept. 16th, 1765 in the 74th year of his age 

Ruggles, the wife of Deacon Edward Ruggles, aged 35 years, died March 11, 1731/2

4	"John Grosvenor"

Here lyeth buried the body of John Grosvenor who died Sept 27 in the year of ???? (cannot read)

5	"Dudley Family"

Attached is the Dudley family crypt and a close up of the remaining inscription

Thomas Dudley’s inscription was originally on the top, but reportedly made of lead, and melted down during the Revolution to make bullets

Gov. Joseph Dudley 1617-1720

Chief Justice Paul Dudley 1675-1751

Col. William Dudley 1686-1743