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Plymouth County

Main Street, Allerton [postmarked 1911]

Bayside and Allerton Hill, Allerton

W. L. Douglas Shoe Co., Factory No. 1, Brockton

Res. of Geo. E. Keith, Main St., Campello

Plymouth Beach and Plymouth Harbor from Hotel Pilgrim, Chiltonville

John Alden House, Built 1653, Duxbury

Miles Standish Grave, Duxbury

Cottages along the shore, Hamilton Beach

Harvesting Cranberries, Hanson

United States Post Office, Middleboro

St. Lukes Hospital, Middleboro

Multi-View: Nix-Mate, Hotel Nantasket, Str. Nantasket

Nantasket Avenue showing Hotel Nantasket, Paragon Park and the Waiting Room from Fishermen's Cove, Nantasket Beach

The Hatherly Club's "Casino", North Scituate [pre-1907]

Pemberton Hotel, Pemberton

Turner Avenue and Post Office, Sand Hills

Depot, Tempest Knob

Tobey Hospital, Wareham

Post Office and Makepeace Building, Wareham

Commonwealth Shoe Factory, Whitman

New Pier, Onset

Wicket's Island, Onset Bay

Bluffing and Bathing, Onset Bay

A Part of Onset Bay [pre-1907]
City of Plymouth

Old Burial Hill, Plymouth

Park Avenue and Railway Station, Plymouth

Standish Worsted Co., Plymouth [1906]

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