Kent Cemetery



Men of Kent Cemetery Sign
Monument to the Minister of Scituate
List of Original Settlers of Sciutate
Monument of 1st Church
Barker (Cushing), Hannah
Barker, Deborah, footstone
Barker, Deborah
Barker, Desier
Barker, John, footstone
Barker, John
Barker, Sarah
Collamer, Anthony
Cudworth, Gen. James
Cushing, Rev. Jeremiah
Descendants of Humphrey Turner
Dodson, Abigail
Gannet, Hanna
Gannet, Matthew
Gannet, Mrs. Mary
Garret, Joseph, Jr.
Garret, Joseph.
Hatch, Mrs.
Heland, Fanna
Heland, Unknown
Hyland, John
Jacob, David Jr.
Jacob, Deacon David
Jacob, Mrs. Sarah
Jacob, Sarah
Leghfeild, Joshua
Lichfield, Joshua, Jr.
Lincoln, Mrs. Elisabeth
Little, Ephraim
Little, Mary
Meritt, Elizabeth
Meritt, John
Meritt, Nehemiah foot stone
Meritt, Nehemiah
Nash, Joseph
Otis, Capt. Stephen
Otis, Hannah, daughter of Joshua
Otis, Hannah
Otis, John
Otis, Joshua, son of Joshua
Otis, Luse
Pitcher, Rev. Nathaniel
Stockbridge, Benjamin
Stodder, Elisabeth
Stodder, Samuel
T., E.
Tilden, Benjamin
Tilden, John
Tilden, Nathaniel died 1641 (back)
Tilden, Nathaniel died 1641(front)
Tilden, Nathaniel
Turner, Abigail, wife of Capt. Samuel
Turner, Abigail
Turner, Cap. James
Turner, Capt. Samuel
Turner, Col. Amos
Turner, Liddia, footstone
Turner, Liddia
Turner, Mary (next to Capt. James)
Turner, Mary
Turner, Nathan'L, son of Capt. Samuel
Turner, Seth
Unknown 1
Unknown 2
Unknown 3
Unknown, Benjamin
Unkown 1722
Unkown, Mrs. Elizabeth
Vinail, Hannah
Vinal, Jonathan
Vinal, John
Vinal, Mary, wife of John, d. 1723
Vinal, Mrs. Mary
Vinal, Nicholas
Vinal, Patience 1, daugh of Patience
Vinal, Patience 2, daughter of Patience
Vinal, Patience
Vinal, Seth son of Seth & Hannah
Vinall, Ignatius, Jr.
Vinall, Mary, Wife of Ignatius
Vinall, Mary, wife of Jacob
Williams, Capt. John, footstone
Williams, Capt. John

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