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Swinton W. Barber Family, by Judieth A. Magee
90 K
May 2002 Judieth A. Magee
Burch Data, by Zuma F. Magee with Daunton Gibbs, 1977
46 K
Aug. 1999
Edie McKinney Talley
The Fendlason Family, by Zuma F. Magee (1963)
224 K
Sept. 1998
Edie McKinney Talley
Hunt Family History, by Bonnie M. Dier
613 K
Sept. 1999
Edie McKinney Talley
Charles Knight Family
164 K
Nov. 2002 Carolyn B. Henderson
Joseph Knight Family
34 K
Nov. 2002 Carolyn B. Henderson
Rester Family History
24 K
June 2001 Gwen Goff Hobbs
Stafford:  Descendants of Abraham & 
Melissa Dearman Stafford, by Zuma F.
Magee (1967)
110 K
Oct. 1998
Edie McKinney Talley
Taylor Family, by Bonnie M. Dier
100 K
Sept. 1999
Edie McKinney Talley
Watson Brumfield Family, by Al Brumfield
6 K
March 2003
Carolyn B. Henderson
William Brumfield, by Al Brumfield
4 K
July, 2000 Carolyn B. Henderson
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