Unidentified Family From Eastern Union Parish Louisiana

1890s – early 1900s

Contributor's Notes:
This photograph was included in a group of Hudson family photos given to my father by his aunt, Reita Bell Hudson Carmack. These photographs remained inside a paper bag while I was growing up. All the Hudson photos had names written on the back in my mother's handwriting, as dictated to her by Aunt Reita. However, the back of this one was blank. Aunt Reita died before I could ask who these people were.

I'm confident this was a photograph of a family living in eastern Union Parish in the 1890s or early 1900s, as it is very similar to Hudson photographs of that era. I'm also confident that it is a family related to Aunt Reita's parents, Charles Henry Hudson and Dosia Ward Hudson, who lived east of Farmerville along the Ward's Chapel Road.

I think it likely that this is a Scarborough, Ward, or Goyne family, some of their closely relatives. Notice the strong resemblance in around the eyes between the female here and Matthew Addison Scarborough. Matthew had seven sisters who survived to adulthood, but I do not have photographs of any of them. Although I believe she was one of his sisters, I cannot determine which one.

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Timothy D. Hudson submitted this photograph for the Union Parish Louisiana USGenWeb Archives in April 2004

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