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Union Parish Louisiana

Union Parish Louisiana Post Offices, 1833 – 1930
Post Office Established Comments
Pine Hill 5 Jan 1833 Shepherd Wood served as the only postmaster of this office. He was a lawyer and brother-in-law of Mills Farmer, early settler of what is now Union Parish Louisiana. Between 1826 and 1837, Shepherd Wood lived on a plantation located just within the southern border of present-day Union Parish, some five miles southeast of Downsville and ½-mile north of the Union/Ouachita Parish line. In those days, rural post offices were located in the homes or stores of the postmasters, so undoubtedly, the Pine Hill Post Office is the first office located within the boundaries of what is now Union Parish. The Postal Service closed the Pine Hill Post Office on 14 May 1834.
Colvins 24 Mar 1838 Initially in Ouachita Parish, belonged to Union 1839 – 1846, Jackson 1845 – 1873, now Lincoln Parish. Changed to Vienna in 1850.
Farmerville 2 May 1840 Town named for early pioneer settler and War of 1812 veteran Mills Farmer who died in 1834. Post office name originally entered incorrectly into US postal records as Farmersville. Officially changed to Farmerville in 1886.
Enterprise 2 May 1840 Located near the site of Crossroads Cemetery between Farmerville and the Ouachita River in W½ S13 T20N R2E. Discontinued 3 March 1842.
Ouachita City 13 Mar 1846 On the Ouachita River north of present-day Sterlington.
Marion 13 Mar 1846 Undoubtedly named for the county seat of Perry County Alabama, the pevious home of many settlers of northeastern Union Parish.
Cherry Ridge 20 Jan 1848 Located about 6 miles east of Spearsville. Name changed to Mount Olive on 22 Jan 1861, and the office was closed after the war. Re-established as Cherry Ridge on 29 June 1871.
Spears Store 11 Apr 1848 This post office was clearly located in Alexander Spears' store. The name was officially changed to Spearsville on 13 March 1860. Office closed after the war but reopened in 1872.
Mooresville 25 Nov 1850 Thomas T. Moore served as the only postmaster of this office for the 8½ months it existed. It was located in the N½ S10 T23N R1W, about 0.5 miles south of the Arkansas line, a few miles northwest of modern Laran. Very near the Lone Well post office established later.
Shiloh 16 Apr 1851 In western Union Parish several miles east of modern Bernice. Office closed and re-opened several times during Reconstruction. Reopened for good on 12 October 1871.
Downsville 9 June 1851 This southern Union Parish post office is the the only one besides Farmerville not closed during the Reconstruction era.
Lindville 8 Sept 1851 Located at the same site of modern Linville in eastern Union Parish. Office permanently closed on 20 July 1860.
D'Arbone 8 Mar 1852 Located about six miles south of Bernice, it was in Union Parish until 1873, when this region was put into Lincoln Parish. Office changed on 16 April 1860 to Griffin in Claiborne Parish.
Spring Hill 1 May 1852 Originally located in the N½ S29 T21N R2E, about seven miles south of Marion and nine or ten miles east of Farmerville, right on Bayou D'Loutre. Office permanently closed on 8 May 1857.
Union Cross Roads,
7 May 1852 Located in central Union Parish just south of the Arkansas line, in or near Oakland. Office called Springhill on 1860 census. Name officially changed to Oakland on 5 April 1874.
Pipesville 24 Aug 1858 Located at the modern village of D'Arbonne on Louisiana Hwy #33 at the Lincoln Parish line, in S33, T20N, R1W. Office closed on 20 July 1860.
Midway 13 Feb 1860 Location unclear, but apparently near modern Truxno (which is 'midway' in Union Parish). Office probably closed during the war; officially closed by the US on 27 June 1866.
Mineral Springs 25 Oct 1860 Located near the former D'Arbone Post Office some 5 – 8 miles south of modern Bernice. Region was in Union until 1873, now Lincoln Parish. Closed during the war.
Lone Well 30 Nov 1867 Located north of Laran near the Arkansas line and near th e former Mooresville Post Office. Closed 17 Dec 1884, with mail forwarded to Cherry Ridge.
Meridian 3 June 1872 Near Meridian Creek and Meridian Baptist Church, east/northeast of Conway, around Sections 3, 9, 10, or 15, T22N, R1E. Office closed in 1876, reopened 1898 – 1900.
Mars Hill 21 Jan 1874 In southern Union Parish between Downsville and Wilhite, in S13, T19N, R1E. Office permanently closed 7 February 1877.
Mosely's Bluff 17 Mar 1875 Located near Henry E. Mosely's store at Moseley's Bluffs on Bayou D'Arbonne. Bluffs just one mile west of modern Lake D'Arbonne dam in S22, T20N, R1E.
Bethel Springs 4 Dec 1877 In northwestern Union Parish only a few miles south of Junction City and hardly one mile east of the Claiborne Parish line. Changed to the Ward's Mill Post Office in Claiborne Parish on 4 June 1879.
Alabama 3 Jan 1878 At Alabama Landing on the Ouachita River in S20/29, T22N, R4E. Office closed 5 Sept 1882.
D'Arbonne 22 Mar 1880 On the previous location of the Pipesville Post Office (see above). Closed 14 May 1906.
Walnut Lane 23 July 1880 In extreme southern Union Parish, on Highway #15 towards West Monroe, in S27, T19N, R1E.
Port Union 8 Nov 1880 At the mouth of Bayou D'Loutre on the Ouachita River in S3, T19N, R3E. Office closed 15 February 1882.
Conway 19 Apr 1881 Located in the Village of Conway on Louisiana Hwy #549 at the corner of Sections 17, 18, 19, & 20, T22N, R1E.
Raleigh 13 Nov 1883 Located a few miles west of Cecil, somewhere in T23N R2E. Office closed 20 February 1885.
Clayton 23 Nov 1885 Located a few miles southeast of Spearsville, apparently around S10 T22N R2W. Office closed 2 Mar 1894.
Colsons 12 Mar 1887 Located in eastern Union Parish near the modern Rocky Branch community, in S26 T20N R2E. Office closed 18 April 1931.
Weldon 20 Nov 1889 Located on the western border of Union and Claiborne Parishes in S30/31 T23N R3W. Office moved to Claiborne Parish in 1894; office closed 31 Aug 1907.
Deglaze 14 June 1890 Location unknown; office never opened.
Point 12 Mar 1887 In southern Union Parish, eight or nine miles northeast of Downsville in S4/5 T19N R2E.
Cane Ridge 9 July 1890 Established in Claiborne Parish in 1851 and moved to Union on this date. Near the parish line several miles west of modern Bernice.
Holmesville 4 Aug 1893 In southern Union Parish about six miles south of Farmerville near the fork of Hwy #15 and UP Road #5531 in S29 T20N R1E. Closed 31 March 1914.
Carroll 2 Mar 1894 In northern Union Parish between Spearsville and Farmerville, in the Camp Creek Community along Highway #550. Closed 26 June 1899.
Pisgah 23 Jan 1894 In western Union Parish several miles north of Bernice, near the Pisgah Cemetery in S36 T21N R3W.
Willhite 4 June 1895 In southern Union Parish, about three miles south of Point in S20 T19N R2E.
Truxno 30 Nov 1895 In north/central Union Parish on the Louisiana Meridian, about five miles south of the Arkansas state line, in S30 T23N R1E.
Lockhart 8 Feb 1897 In northwestern Union Parish on the Arkansas state line, in S4 T23N R2W. Office formerly in Union County Arkansas.
Cecil 2 Oct 1899 In northeastern Union Parish about four miles north of Marion, in S23 T23N R2E.
Bernice 7 Oct 1899 In western Union Parish at the intersection of La. Hwy #2 and US Hwy 167. Grew up as the local railroad stop after the rail line bypassed Shiloh.
Lillie 11 Oct 1899 In northwestern Union Parish, on US Hwy #167 about eight miles north of Bernice and seven miles southeast of Junction City.
Middlefork 10 Jan 1901 On the railroad south of Bernice just inside Union Parish, approximately in S35 T21N R3W. Office closed 15 March 1904.
Cobb 29 Jan 1901 Office never operational; location unknown.
Randolph 30 Jan 1901 In northwestern Union Parish near Junction City, in approximately S17 T23N R3W. Another railroad post office. Closed 29 November 1924.
Louter 30 Jan 1901 In north/central Union Parish near the Arkansas line, between the Lone Well Post Office that closed in 1884 and Laran that opened in 1916, in approximately S16 T23N R1W. Office closed 28 February 1915.
Ryan 10 Apr 1901 Another railroad post office; located a few miles south of Lillie in approximately S12/13 T22N R3W. Office closed 15 July 1902.
Hobson 24 June 1901 In eastern Union Parish on one of the old Port Union Roads, in approximately S4/9 T20N R2E. Office closed 30 September 1910.
Linville 15 Feb 1902 On the same site as the earlier Lindville Post Office that closed in 1860, about five miles southeast of Marion on Hwy #143, in S6 T21N R3E.
Center 9 Oct 1902 In southwestern Union Parish just north of Bayou (now Lake) D'Arbonne, in S1 T20N R2W. Office closed 31 October 1906.
Bearden 15 Dec 1902 In southwestern Union Parish, some few miles across Bayou (now Lake) D'Arbonne from Farmerville, apparently on Highway #33 from Farmerville towards Ruston, in S11 T20 R1W. Office closed 14 May 1906.
Price 5 May 1903 Location unknown; order establishing post office rescinded on 21 Aug 1903. Never operational.
Loch Lomond 24 Nov 1903 In southeasern Union Parish, on Hwy #2 just about 0.5 miles from the river in S19 T20N R4E.
Sadie 4 Jan 1904 In northeastern Union Parish just 1.5 miles south of the Arkansas state line, in S11/14 T23N R2E. Office closed 30 November 1916.
Handy 30 July 1904 In eastern Union Parish, a few miles east of Hwy #143 between Spencer and Haile, approximately in S24/25 T21N R3E. Office closed 31 March 1905.
Thaxton 16 Aug 1904 Another railroad post office in western Union Parish. Between the Pisgah and Ryan offices, on the rail line in approximately S24 T22N R3W. Office closed 29 February 1908.
Decatur 26 Sept 1904 In eastern Union Parish, probably on the lower Farmerville–Port Union Road. Apparently at or near the present-day Crossroads Community in S13 T20N R2E, near the intersection of Highway #2 and Highway #143. Office closed 31 December 1908.
Haile 31 Oct 1904 In eastern Union Parish, on Hwy #143 about ten miles southeast of Marion, in S3 T21N R3E.
Archer/Spencer 3 Mar 1905 Established as Archer, but name changed to Spencer on 5 July 1911. In southeastern Union Parish on Hwy #143, a few miles north of Sterlington & west of Ouachita City, in S2 T20N R3E.
Litroe 19 Oct 1905 In northeastern Union Parish just 1.5 miles south of the Arkansas state line, and two miles east of Sadie, in S7 T23N R3E. Office closed 25 August 1967.
Bunkerhill 11 Dec 1905 On the Ward's Chapel Road about eight miles east of Farmerville, in S29/30 T21N R2E. Office closed on 31 August 1911.
Earl 19 Mar 1906 In central Union Parish northeast of Farmerville, on the railroad line between Farmerville and Marion. Approximately in S11/12 T21N R1E, southwest of the De Loutre Post Office. Office closed 30 November 1906.
Ora 9 May 1906 In the Zion Hill community northwest of Farmerville, in approximately S33 T22N R1W. Office closed 31 July 1909.
Rester 26 Jan 1909 In northwestern Union Parish, southeast of Spearsville & southwest of Cherry Ridge, near the intersection of Highways #2 and #550, in or near S12 T22N R2W. Office closed 30 June 1914.
Rugg 7 June 1907 In southeastern Union Parish near Rugg's Bluffs on Bayou D'Arbonne, near S19/30 T20N R2E. Office closed 15 November 1913.
De Loutre 26 June 1907 In north/central Union Parish, just south of Hwy #33 between Farmerville & Marion near Bayou D'Loutre, in S1 T22N R1E & S6 T22N R2E. Office closed 15 January 1927.
Dean 23 Mar 1908 In northeastern Union Parish, five miles east of Marion and five miles north of Haile, in S10 T22N R3E. Closed 31 Dec 1912.
Norma 13 Mar 1913 In northeastern Union Parish, northeast of Marion and several miles west of Cecil. Office closed 31 January 1914.
Tugwell 20 Aug 1913 About one mile south/southeast of Conway in central Union Parish. Closed 15 August 1914.
Laran 10 Oct 1916 In nothern Union Parish 2.5 miles south of the Arkansas state line, in S20 T23N R1W. Office closed 29 April 1939.

        The information in the table above comes from the Records of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832 – September 30, 1971, located in the National Archives, identifed as Record Group 28, Microfilm Publication M841, Reel #52. T. D. Hudson transcribed this information from the original records and donated it to the Union Parish Archives. Gene Barron provided help with locating some of the offices.

       Keep in mind that the information in the table above comes from the Postal Records of the United States. When Louisiana seceded from the Union on 26 January 1861 and joined the Confederacy on February 8th, all post offices switched to the Confederate postal system. I have located no records of Confederate post offices in Union Parish. Certainly many offices continued to operate for a few years, but towards the end of the war it appears that most of the Union Parish post offices closed. The dates given in the links in the table above for individual offices closing in 1866 marks the date that the United States Postal System officially closed most non-operational post offices in Union Parish. During the immediate postwar period and Reconstruction, the Postal Service closed the majority of Union Parish post offices. Many re-opened, only to be closed again shortly afterwards. The only Union Parish post offices not closed during this tumultuous period were the ones at Farmerville and Downsville.

Post Office Map
The map below shows the boundaries of Union Parish as they have existed since 1873. When it was originally created in 1839, Union included a large region of present-day Lincoln Parish. In fact, between 1839 and 1845, most of the entire area north and east of Ruston, as well as a short distance south of Ruston, belonged to Union Parish. The Louisiana Legislature cut off the bulk of this region from Union in 1845 and combined it with other areas to form Jackson Parish. Then in 1873, an additional small portion of southwestern Union Parish was cut off, combined with the northern portion of Jackson and other surrounding regions to form Lincoln Parish.

When studying the map below, keep in mind that Lake D'Arbonne is a man-made creation and did not exist until the dam on Bayou D'Arbonne was constructed in the 1960s. Click on the map to enlarge:

Thanks to John J. Germann for his invaluable assistance on the history of Louisiana post offices. Mr. Germann has spent many years researching the history of United States post offices in Louisiana and Texas. He has made detailed investigations into the records of the National Archives as well as the map collection in the Library of Congress. His 1990 publication, Louisiana Post Offices, gives very useful information about the early post offices of north Louisiana, including Union Parish.

One invaluable aspect of Mr. Germann's work are the post office maps he included for each parish. We are grateful to Mr. Germann for permission to post his Union Parish map here. Mr. Germann holds the copyright to this map, and he authorizes us to post it here for informational purposes only.

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