Union Parish Louisiana

Newspaper Articles on Union Parish Louisiana
Year Filename Date
1841 Runaway Slave Notice Jan 2009 T. D. Hudson
1844 Allen Carr Murdered by his Slaves; Slaves Executed
1850–1855 "Farmerville Enquirer" Articles of the 1850s Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
& T. D. Hudson
1850 "Farmerville Enquirer" Editorial Against Southern Secession T. D. Hudson
Abram Kills Joe, both slaves of P. Baylor of Marion Shawn Martin
1851 Mail Rider Disappears between Farmerville & Ouachita City
Duncan Hanged for Attempted Murder of his Owner, R. K. Love of Marion
1851 Union Parish Election Results
Opening Union Parish Post Offices at Lindville & Ouachita City
1853 A. J. Perdue Convicted of Murder of Manning Scott Near Farmerville
1859 "Union Democrat" Gives Crop Report T. D. Hudson
Baptist Meeting Yields Twenty-two Baptisms
1860 "Union Democrat" Reports Man Drowns in Bayou d'Arbonne Shawn Martin
1861 "Farmerville South" Reports Salt Spring Near Bayou d'Arbonne
Henry J. Reese Murdered Near Ouachita City
Union Parish Confederate Soldier John Wise Dies of Typhoid Fever
1862 Letter of W. B. Terrel Describes Lack of Paper
1865 Public Meeting of Union Parish Citizens Jan 2005 T. D. Hudson
November 1865 Union Parish Election Results
Phoney Tax Collector Swindles Mrs. Feazel
1866 Steamboats Serving Union Parish
The "Union Record" Debuts in Farmerville
Accident of the Steamer "Victoria" at Farmerville Landing
Union Parish Election Results
Capt. Ames of the "Victoria" Disappears
Freedmen Complaints Cause Dissatisfaction in Farmerville
Lt. George W. Everett Becomes Cotton Agent
1867 Political Opinion of James E. Trimble Dec 2006
Political Statement Concerning Dr. William C. Carr
Cotton Worm Infestation in Union Parish
Charles W. Hodge of Union Parish Works as Cotton Factor Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
"Union Record" on Emigration to Brazil
1868 W. C. Carr Denies Membership in State Radical Committee
"Union Record" Crop Report
Scheduled Steamer Service to Union Parish Bayous June 2008 T. D. Hudson
Shiloh Election for Radical Constitution Nov 2008
Union Parish Democratic Mass Meeting
Union Parish Presidential Election Results
Union Parish Bankruptcies June 2008
Capt. W. W. Farmer Edits Newspaper
1869 Murder of Charles Heard by Daniel Lee near Shiloh Jul 2000 Dorothy Taylor
Former Citizen Exposes Jackson Parish Corruption Jan 2005 T. D. Hudson
Yankees Finally Release Confederate Soldier Dixon
"Union Record" Editor Mims vs. Horace Greeley
1870 Steamboats on the D'Arbonne
"Union Record" Notices
Reconstruction Governor Visits Farmerville
1872 Jackson Jones Stabs Pleas Coleman Aug 2001
Democratic Barbecue Shawn Martin Dec 2008
"Union Record" Letter About Bribed Louisiana Legislators
Captain W. W. Wood Candidate for Judge
1873 Accidental Discharge of Pistol Causes Death Aug 2001 T. D. Hudson
Reported Murder of N. H. Bray in Error Jan 2002 Alice Ogles
Marriage of Elisha T. Sellers & Sarah A. Hodge Nov 2006 John A. Sellers
1874 Elections Disrupted by Radical Republican Tricks Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Judge Trimble Hailed as Hero for Conviction of Yankee Officers
John Thomas Murdered at his Home Near Ouachita City
Crop Failure Across North Louisiana Nov 2008 T. D. Hudson
Monument Proposed for Henry Reganburg June 2008
1875 Dr. R. Mayo Edits the Union Record
Radical Republicans Attempt to Impeach Judge Trimble Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
David Arent Property Sold Due to Bankruptcy
1876 Ouachita City Killing Ruled Self-Defense Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
1877 Archy Walls Shot to Death Aug 2001 T. D. Hudson
Neecy Hardin, Suicide by Drowning
Union Parish Inmate Loses Both Feet to Frostbite Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Police Jury Appoints James A. Ramsey District Attorney
1878 Embezzlement Charges Against Judge Trimble Fail June 2007
Farmerville Execution for Murder
Bethel Springs Post Office Opened – J. P. Huff as Postmaster Dec 2008
Spearsville forms Greenback Club
Shiloh Town Officials
1879 Fires Destroy Farmerville Business District
Final Notices from "Union Record" T. D. Hudson
Capt. E. T. Sellers of Union Parish Visits Monroe
Jack Overstreet Hung for Murder Aug 2001
Killing of W. H. Baker
1881 Negro Lynched Dec 2001
1882 Dr. William P. Welch Kills William Jacobs Dec 2006 Gene Barron
Union Parish Votes out Whiskey Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Mattie Dozier Drowns Self in Fit of Insanity Aug 2001 T. D. Hudson
Thomas Taylor Dies of Hydrophobia
Dick Auld Accidentally Hung
1883 Grand Jury Investigates a murder by D. S. McFarland
Stranger Dies of Hydrophobia Dec 2001
Farmerville Fire and Tornado Aug 2001 &
Dec 2008
Shawn Martin &
Tim Hudson
G. W. Moore's Store in Shiloh Burns Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Spearsville Store Burns
1884 Concord Institute at Shiloh Burns Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Union Parish Political Resolution
1885 Murder of William P. Mabry Karen Rice
& Shawn Martin
Perry & William Melton in Prison for Murder Shawn Martin
Louisiana Governor Orders Stay of Execution for Perry & William Melton
Controversial Hanging of Perry & William Melton
"Home Advocate"                 "Times Picayune"
Other Nationwide Newspapers
Dec 2001 &
Dec 2008
Shawn Martin &
T. D. Hudson
The Ida Schuster Tragedy Dec 2001 T. D. Hudson
Six-year old Boy Murdered by Ten-year old Boy Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Lonewell Postmaster James H. McCroome Acquitted of Theft of $50
Minerals, Coal, and Chalybeate Springs in Union Parish
1886 Armistead B. Norman Killed by Falling Scantling Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Union Parish Horse Thief Caught near Shreveport June 2007 Shawn Martin
Accidental Shooting Death of Charles Oliver Aug 2001 T. D. Hudson
1887 Calvin Skinner Killed by Shotgun Blast
Assassination of Constable J. N. Ferguson
Farmerville Gunfight: Lawyers Trimble vs. Ramsey
New Orleans Paper              Monroe Paper              Baton Rouge Paper
New York Times #1              New York Times #2              Other Papers
Aug 2001 &
Dec 2008
Shawn Martin &
T. D. Hudson
1888 Louisiana & Farmerville Election Violence Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1888 Union Parish Democratic Convention Nov 2006 T. D. Hudson
Luther Hayes Shot to Death by Nathan Broadnax Aug 2001
J. J. Loper Kills brother-in-law C. J. Payne
1891 Creath McGough & James H. Aulds Bushwhacked by Joiners Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1892 Serious Illness of State Auditor William W. Heard
1893 Marion Gunbattle Between the Carroll & Cox Families Aug 2005 Mary Anne Williams
Union Parish Moonshiners Caught Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1894 Shootout Kills Rev. Joseph D. Platt of Marion
Jim Flunder Lynched Near Ouachita City
Henry Gulledge Killed in Monroe Shootout with J. O. Johnson
Frank Hughey Killed by Shotgun Blast Dec 2006 T. D. Hudson
Petition of Shiloh Residents Against Lawlessness
1894 Populist Parish Convention Nov 2006
1895 Junction City Moonshiners Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Love Story Set in Marion
1895 Populist Parish Convention Nov 2006 T. D. Hudson
Horse Stolen From Farmerville
Populist Newspaper "Herald" Debuts in Farmerville Dec 2006
Simon Stein Killed by Brother-in-Law Sam Blum Dec 2004
Stranger Steals a Horse from Farmerville
Farmerville Jailbreak
Steamer Burns on Bayou D'Arbonne
George Carroll 1st in Class at Tulane Medical College
Bale of Cotton Kills young Boy in Spearsville
Steamer "Rosa B" Begins Bayou Service
Coffee Grown in Farmerville
Farmerville Brass Band Invited to Junction City
1896 1896 Union Parish Election: Democrats vs. Populists Nov 2006
Timber Feud Between Ward and Joiner Families Dec 2008
Boiler Explosion at Stein's Saw Mill Oct 2004
Oliver C. Dawkins Ends Tenure as Editor Dec 2004
John Abbott's Saw Mill Near Cherry Ridge Burns June 2008
Poisoning Fish in Bayous d'Arbonne & Cornie
B. T. Hopkins' Store in Marion Robbed
1897 Railroad Coming to Farmerville! Apr 2008
Railroad Again Coming to Farmerville! Dec 2004
1897 Union Parish Democratic Convention Nov 2006
1897 Union Parish Populist Convention
Meeting of the Democratic Executive Committee Dec 2006
November News from Spearsville
December News from Spearsville
Oakland Gunbattle Between J. Davis Everett & R. A. Gibson June 2008
Biography of Lt. Col. Ruffin G. Pleasant of Shiloh Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Biographical Sketch of Robert Roberts of Shiloh
Accidental Shooting Death of Joe Shaw June 2002 Debbie Richard
1898 J. T. Taunton Killed Falling out of Wagon
Union Parish Hurricane Sept 2004 T. D. Hudson
1898 Political Debates: Democrats vs. Populists Nov 2006
1898 Union Parish Election: Democrats vs. Populists
Wheat Growing in Spearsville
Unusual Vegetables Grown near Spearsville
1896 – 1897 Drought & Hard Times Ends!!! Dec 2006
Hope for Railroad Through Shiloh
J. N. Ferguson's Assassins Finally Convicted of Murder
Daring Burglary at O. P. Johnston's Home
Duncan Austin Fatally Cuts John E. Thomas in Fight
Covington & Moore Brawl in Shiloh
J. W. Loper's Barn & Corncrib Burn
Johnson & Jones Injured Cutting Wood near Cherry Ridge
Farmerville Baptist Church Parsonage Catches Fire
Concerns over Stock Law
Daring Burglary at O. P. Johnston's Home
November News From Spearsville
March – April Newspaper Notices
December Newspaper Notices
Fees Collected by Constables and Justices of the Peace Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1899 Union Parish Court Proceedings July 2001 Debbie Richard
The Shiloh Fire of 1899 Nov 1999 Roy Austin
1899 Union Parish Democratic Convention Nov 2006 T. D. Hudson
Creation of Lillie
February Temperatures Plunge to 15 Below Zero! Dec 2006
Sam Davis Injured While Baling Cotton at Cherry Ridge
Junction City Town Marshal Charley Barham Shot
New Minister of Farmerville Methodist Church Arrives
Honor Roll of Everett Institute at Spearsville
Program of the Everett Baptist Association Meeting
Program of the Concord Baptist Association Meeting
February 1899 Newspaper Notices
February 1899 News From Spearsville
April 1899 News From Spearsville
June 1899 News From Spearsville Dec 2008
Drownings in Ouachita River
Confederate Pensions Awarded
1900–1905 The Taylor – McQueen Tragedies May 2004
1900 Port Union Affray Between Webb & Ham Aug 2005
Populist Meeting Has Low Turnout Dec 2006
F. N. B. Moore's House in Point Burns
Biography of James Guy Trimble of Farmerville Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Biography of Judge George Allen Kilgore, Native of Farmerville
1901 Herschel Post Office Supposedly Opened in Union Parish
Rosa B Burns at Farmerville Landing! June 2008 T. D. Hudson
Accidental Homicide While Hunting
1902 Locomotive Sparks Cause Bernice Cottonyard Fire
Farmerville Brass Band Reorganizes
Confederate Veteran Camp Reorganizes
Democratic Executive Committee Appoints Commissioners
Union Parish Fair Winners
Farmerville Municipal Election Results
Farmerville Railroad Planing
April Downpour
Telephone Lines Repaired from Farmerville to Monroe
Farmerville Mayor's Wife Gets Wheelchair
Giants' 1902 Pitcher Native of Bernice Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1904 Railroad To Bring a "New" Farmerville Dec 2004 T. D. Hudson
Barbecue Celebration of the Railroad Arrival
Louisiana Governor Celebrates with Farmerville
Widow Meeks of Colson Robbed Dec 2006
Ward & Callaway Hold Baptist Meeting at Evergreen
1905 Murder of Jefferson Davis Everett in Marion Oct 2004
Minnie Jordan Ham Stancil Accidentally Killed by Son Aug 2005
1905 Jury Venire Nov 2006
Baughman Warehouse Fire
Farmerville Schools Praised
Trimble Buried Treasure & Two Old Trees
1906 Dendys of Bernice Arrested for Peonage Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Edward Caldwell Stabbed to Death by Friend
1907 Description of Railroad Town of Randolph
Union Parish Merchant Declares Bankruptcy June 2007
1908 Bernice Shootout Between C. J. Morton & W. F. Barham Kills One Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Union Parish Police Jury Sued over Bayou D'Arbonne Bridge
1909 Union Parish Woman's Husband Commits Suicide
Harrison Auld Drowns in Bayou d'Loutre April 2008 Pauline Mobley &
Beth Mathews
Confederate Veteran Reunion in Farmerville
1910 Nip & Tuck Shootout Between Nolan Family Oct 2004 T. D. Hudson
Fishing Explosion on Little Cornie Bayou Dec 2004
Miss Wilbur Peek Saves Ouachita City from Fire
First Armadillo in Union Parish
Attempted Murder of Town Marshal Leander Ward
No Trespass Notice by Spearsville Farmers Dec 2006
Floyd Rockett Declares Bankruptcy Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1911 Union Parish Residents Attend CSA Reunion April 2008 Pauline Mobley &
Beth Mathews
W. M. Cole's Confederate Service under Gen. R. E. Lee
State Health Train Report on Farmerville
1912 1912 Union Parish Singing Convention Meeting Nov 2006 T. D. Hudson
Cyclone Hits North Louisiana! Oct 2004
Early Memories of Downsville Settler S. P. Lewis Dec 2004
Captain L. Brunner Visits New Orleans May 2006
Articles relating to the Murder of O. Z. Gresham Apr 2000 Sherry Gritzbaugh
Political Biography of Oliver Cromwell Dawkins Apr 2008 Beth Mathews &
Pauline Mobley
1913 1913 Union Parish Singing Convention Meeting Nov 2006 T. D. Hudson
1915 CSA Memories of Major Gaskill of Union Parish Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1916 Union Parish Native Tate Grafton Murdered in Dallas
John Fowler Albritton's Daughter Visits from Fort Worth
1918 Former Resident Celebrates Right of Women to Vote in Texas
1921 Bernice Minister M. C. Cargill Moves to Texarkana
Former Governor W. W. Heard of Bernice Turns 68
Union Parish Delegate: Ban Japanese/Chinese Land Ownership
Harry Scarborough Assassinated After Acquittal
John Charles Scarborough Killed by Son Defending his Mother
Storm Wipes Out Spencer, Killing 7 & Injuring 25
1922 Marion Mayor G. C. Payne Kills Stancil Westbrook
Bernice Wonder Baby
1923 Mother/Daughter Denied Clemency in Murder Conviction June 2007
Murder of Point Postmaster James David Auld, Sr. Mar 2004 T. D. Hudson
1924 Bernice Man Run Over by Railway Car Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1925 Bernice Bank Cashier Charged with Murder June 2007
1926 Rep. Hudson Introduces Ban on Teaching Evolution June 2007
Little Boy Run Over by Car in Farmerville Mar 2004 T. D. Hudson
1927 Joe Rockett: 80 year-old Cotton Picker Nov 2006 T. D. Hudson
Mrs. Susan S. George Thomas' 91st Birthday June 2007 Shawn Martin
Martin Batte Brantley Turns 74
July 2004 Sharon K. Ray
Automobile Accident Injures Four Dec 2006 T. D. Hudson
1931 Willie B. Dozier Obituary Mar 2001 Harold Dozier
1933 Murder of Armon Smith
Oct 2004 Lyle Smith
1934 Buried Wood Near Port Union
July 2004
Sharon K. Ray
1937 Headlines of 28 July 1937
Apr 2004 Stacy Cooper
1940 Odom Family Reunion at Zion Hill July 2004
Sharon K. Ray
Wilhite Family Reunion Dec 2006
U.S. Military Inductions from Union Parish Dec 2006 T. D. Hudson
1942 Ten Sons Born to Bernice Woman Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1943 Birthday of Joe Ann Caroline Howell McCarty June 2007
1946 Union Parish Native Sellers Runs for Governor of Texas Dec 2008
1952 1952 Article on Union Parish Louisiana April 2006 Robert S. Hendrick
1955 Retirement of Lillie Rural Mail Carrier Izzie P. Breazeal June 2005 Gene Barron
1962 50th Wedding Anniversary of Union Parish Native H. G. Read Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
1964 Marion Murder of Union Parish Sheriff & Deputy June 2007
2000 Profile of Purvis & Myrtis Christian, by Peggy Rockett Nov 2000 Gina Sherrard

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