Photograph submitted for the Union Parish Louisiana USGenWeb Archives by Bruce Odom, August 2004

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Photograph of Alabama Landing on the Ouachita River
in Union Parish Louisiana

Bruce Odom took this photograph of Alabama Landing on 8 August 2004 looking north towards Arkansas. The landing itself is in Union Parish. The small area across the river visible in the near-right foreground is Morehouse Parish.

Alabama Landing on the Ouachita River is the northernmost river port in Union Parish. Located approximately eight miles due east of Marion and around twelve miles north of Ouachita City, it obtained its name in the 1840s as the droves of settlers who migrated up the Ouachita River from Alabama disembarked their rivercraft there. Since the area along the Ouachita River north of the landing well into Union County Arkansas was low-lying and prone to flooding, Alabama Landing provided settlers with the most convenient portal by which they could enter northern Union Parish Louisiana as well as southern Union County Arkansas. Although never a town of any size, from those early years until the 1900s there were warehouses where farmers stored cotton for shipment south to New Orleans. Lewis G. Campbell opened a post office there on 3 January 1878, naming it "Alabama". However, the post office closed on 5 September 1882 with the mail redirected to Marion. Alabama Landing still provides convenient access to the Ouachita River for boaters and fishermen.

For those interested, the coordinates of the landing are:
N 32 degrees 52.384'
W 92 degrees 05.344'