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July 2006
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Louis Lavedan
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Last modified:31 March 2008

The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.

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Those names that include photos are followed by an *.
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Adams, Lynette "Lyn" LeBouef   *
Ainsworth, Lee A. "Tommy"
Anderson, Burl, Jr.   *
Anderson, Harris "Horace", Sr.   *
Anselmi, Acton Joseph, Sr.
Bell, Daniel Everette, Jr.
Bellow, Violet H.
Benoit, Myron Antoine   *
Bergeron, Melvin Paul
Boudreaux, JoAnne Delatte
Bourgeois, Sister Sally Ann, MSC
Breaux, Bridget Hebert   *
Breaux, Charles Joseph, Sr.
Bro ussard, Alton "Bruce"
Broussard, Sophie Jane   *
Brown, Bart Michael   *
Brown, Carla Jean Hampton   *
Bruce, Leroy "Do Do"
Bullock, Beau J.
Camardelle, Zachary J.
Cantrelle, Louella Defelice   *
Carmouche, Christopher Gilbert
Caro, Roy Francis, Sr.   *
Cenac, Wilma Louise Lapeyrouse   *
Chaisson, Gary and JoAnn   *
Chatagnier, Jimmie P.   *
Champagne, Norma robichaux   *
Chauvin, Ennis "T-Boy"
Cheramie, Emily Marie Trosclair  *
Cheramie, Gloria "Lamae" Pitre
Cheramie, Janai' Paige
Cheramie, John Joseph   *
Chiasson, Raymond Joseph, Sr.   *
Clark, George Strickland   *
Conrad, Shirley Rita Kihneman   *
Cook, Rut h Marie Lyons Hebert
Cortez, (Baby)
Cox, Betty Jane Freeman Hebert  *
Coxon, Mary Loise   *
David, Clemence Bouzigard
Degravel, Robert
deGravelles, Percy J. "Pete", Jr.   *
Delaune, Elson J. "Slim", Jr.
Dennis, Gladys Bergeron   *
Duplantis, Elmer Joseph   *
Duplantis, Kenneth Paul "Paul"   *
Duplantis, Rannie J., Jr.   *
Duplantis, Regina Marie   *
Dupre, Cecile LeBouef Naquin   *
Dupre, Jeannette Boudreaux
Dupre, Octave "Sue" Pierre, Jr.   *
Eastwood, Philip Cahrles
Edsberg, Marion Cecile  *
Folse, Albert   *
Folse, Lawless "Roach"   *
Giroir, Clifton "Pookie", III   *
Grabert, Raymond James, Sr.   *
Graff, Lloyd "Mack" McKenzie, Jr.   *
Granier, Byron John   *
Griffin, Bessie Ann Cortez   *
Griffin, Lula Mae    *
Guidry, Hazel Ann    *
Guidry, Pershing E.    *
Guillot, Dennis Paul
Guillot, Esther "Teet Esta" Melancon Chauvin   *
Guillot, Judith Marie
Guthrie, Thomas Joseph, Jr.
Hanks, Evelyn Ruth
Harding, Beverly Ann Darnell   *
Hebert, Alex, Jr.   *
Hebert, Anna M.
Hebert, Bethany Jane Burleigh   *
Hebert, Eve Babin
Hebert, Patsy Trahan
Hebert, Stella Marie Hutchinson
Heck, Carl E.   *
Heinen, Craig Steven
Hicks, Beverly Jean   *
Jaccuzzo, Johnny M.   *
Jackson, Joseph Junius, Sr.   *
Johnson, Mary "Sue" N.   *
Johnson, Royal "Slim Jenkins"
Jupiter, Kentavion Louis
Kennedy, Beverly "Nanie Lovell   *
Kern, Jo Ann J.
Kraemer, Clothile Granier   *
Landry, Gary Joseph, Sr.   *
Landry, Rev. Stephen Ernest, Sr.   *
Ledet, Gertie Griffin   *
Ledet, Wayne   *
Leedy, Larry Leroy   *
Leonard, Sadie Mae Christen   *
Lirette, Helen "Lena"   *
Loveless, William T.
Madere, Thomas Davis
Marcel, Francis J.   *
Maronge, Adam A.
Martin, Garth Allen   *
Mason, Herman "Big Man", II    *
May, Danny
McDaniel, Anita Geraldine Byrd   *
Miles, Mary Ann   *
Miller, Junious "JA"   *
Miner, Mildred Williams
Mitchell, Carlos Gene

Mobley, Toby J.   *
Morgan, Ruth Mae Williams
Oeser, Richard Arlin
Orgeron, Mona Griffin
Pack, Bruce
Parks, Vanice "Brother"
Pelt, Kory Christopher
Pitre, Barry Joseph, Sr.   *
Pitre, Clarence "Sue"
Plaisance, Edwin "To-Tut"   *
Positerry, Emile "Black"   *
Prosperie, Dorothy Bascle   *
Punch, Melvin "Joe" Joseph   *
Ramsey, Genevieve Babin Bergeron   *
Redman, Rufus "Hite", Jr.   *
Reynolds, Thomas E. "Redman", Jr.
Rhodes, Calvin Francis   *
Richard, Jason   *
Richards, Alice Odelle Standard   *
Richards, Jane Pearson
Robichaux, Merle A. Dunn   *
Robichaux, Wilbert "Robie" J.   *
Robinson, Creasy A.   *
Rodrigue, Westley Joseph   *
Samanie, Jason Ivy   *
Sausage, John   *
Savoie, Earl Paul  *
Scott, Carl P.
Scott, Norris Anthony   *
Simoneaux, Elmire B.
Sinclair, Charles Ralph
Smith, Joseph Paul "Smitty"   *
Tabor, Walter joseph "White"
Talbot, Lauren Gregory   *
Tassin, Aubin J. "Rooney", Jr.
Theriot, Erroll J., Sr.
Thibodaux, Joachim F. "Bill"   *
Thibodaux, Lawrence J. "Sonny"   *
Toups, Mary Gayle
Toups, Merita Ann Champagne   *
Trosclair, John W., Jr.   *
Trosclair, Rosalie Legendre
Voisin, Ray Cyprian   *
Walker, Julia Anding
Weaver, Jacqulyn B.   *
Welch, Jeremy Dale
White, Todd Allen
Williams, Earl   *
Williams, Lydia T.
Williams, Robin R.
Wilson, Lilly "Cook"   *
Woodruff, Ruth K.   *
Young, James B. "Jimmy"
Zeringue, Janet Gros

Additional Note:
Because of the size of the obituary file and to assure proper search of the entire file,
the obituary file for July 2006 has been divided into three sections:
Section1--1 July through 10 July
Section 2--11 July through 20 July
Section 3--21 July through 31 July
Click on the section above to browse the file of interest

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