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Tranquility Cemetery
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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis
This page last updated 12 May 2011

Photos for Tranquility Cemetery provided by
John Almon

Entrance to Tranquility Cemetery

1.  The number below each photo refers to the
[row.position in row] of the grave in the cemetery.

2.  One of the unmarked graves 2.2 or 2.3 probably contains the remains of Mrs. Elvin Riviere   
(from a temporary funeral home marker).

Bertha R. Raws [1.1] Lillian R. Chabreck [1.2] Ernest Chabreck [1.3]

Cora R. Wood  [1.4]
Estella C. Riviere  [2.1]

Unmarked  [2.2]  See Note above Unmarked [2.3]  See Note above Caroline Chabreck  [2.4]

Adolph Chabreck  [2.5] Peter Chabreck  [2.6] Charles A. Chabreck [2.7]

Ernest J. Celestine [2.8] Richard Revere [2.9] Doris Aycock Chabreck [2.10]

William Milton Chebreck [2.11]
Hobart Joseph Riviere [3.1]

Unmarked  [3.2] Albert Riviere [3.3] Louis Riviere [3.4]

Sidney Celestine  [3.5] George Walker Achee [3.6] Nathan Alexander Davis [3.7]

John R. Heffner  [4.1] Helen C. Achee  [4.2]

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