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January 2017

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Bagley, James Knox, III
Baio, Raymond Anthony, Sr.
Baker, Marie Latella
Barker, Allen Wayne
Bazzelle, Reinsford Vincent
Billodoux, Kenneth Benjamin "Ben"
Boyd, Donald Roy
Brady, Sue Jean Roy
Branigan, Daniel Joseph
Brouillette, Robert "Tookie"
Bruno, Diann Kelt
Bush, Hiram Edward "Eddie"
Buss, Harold Keith
Carpenter, Ray Royce
Charrier, Chris
Clairain, Walter Francis
Clark, Darrell John, Jr.
Clark, Walton C., Jr.

Collins, Ruby McLendon
Colon, Charles "Charlie" Paul
Cross, Dorothy Louise Rushing
Cyprian, Mary Perkins
Dale, Joshua Blayne

Delaughter, Craig Russell
Denapolis, Joseph Danna
Ducote, Chris J., Sr.
Dugas, Raymond Norman
Dybas, Paul A.
Engolia, Joyce Elena LeBlanc
Enright, Corrie Lee Loewen
Faciane, Juliana Galatas
Faciane, Patsy Elliott

Fincher, Donna Ann
Fleming, Judy
Flickinger, Mary Theresa Olsen
Flowers, Julie Ann Anicki
Gokey, Shelba Jean
Gray, Bessie perez
Greig, Stanley Albert
Heinen, Michael A.
Helfritsh, Julius Henry, Jr.
Heyd, Louis A., Jr.
Hover, James Willard

Hudson, Willie Lebon
Hunt, Michael Wade
Jones, Charles Kenneth
Jordan, Grahm Thomas
Kraus, Charles Francis
Krentel, Herman
Labat, Robert T.
Lalumia, Joseph A., Jr.

Lamulle, Francois, "Frank" G., Jr.
Landry, Betty Ann
Lazarre, Suzanna Hooghiemstra
LeGros, Vivian "Scotti" Millard
Lynn, Hilda
Martin, Judith

Mathes, Cathy Lorriane
Mayo, Tommie M.

McDonald, Ellen Francis
McDonalf, William Henry "Bill"
Mchenry, Bernice
McVay, Mary Emilie Armiger
Meyers, William "Pete", Jr.

Milto, Pam Klimn
Moreau, Myron Joseph "Red"
Morel, Cary Joseph, Jr.
Newcomb, James H., Sr.
Organ, Shirley Clara

Parks, Sarah W.
Powers, Kathy Powers
Pumilia, Carlos Augusto
Pumphrey, Betty Jean Swann
Rageur, Carl David, Sr.
Ray, Nora Ester Morales
Revere, Christopher Sherwood
Ricks, Charles J. "Rusty", Jr.

Romain, Mark Joseph
Saune, Jules Wesley, Sr.
Schayot, Kim Marie
Simkin, Wayne Reid
Smith, Margaret V. Brauch
Smith, Ruth Alice
Stokes, John Alfred, Sr.
Strawn, James R. "Bob"
Tregle, Christopher Edward
Vercher, Brenda Cooper
Vigil, Orlando Santiago

Voss, Allen Ernest
Watson, Betty Upton
Watson, Dustin "Dusty" Ray
Weiymann, Byron Bing
White, Dennis Patrick

Williams, Bertha Abbott
Wooten, Deborah J.
Young, Jean Mrley


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