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August 2016

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Alford, Elizabeth "Liz" Ann Greenwald
Alford, William R. "Bill", Jr.
Ankesheiln, Joseph F. "Rick", III
Arthur, Constance "Connie" Rose
Babin, Dale A., Sr.
Beaudin, George Henry
Bigler, Carly Jacqueline Kambur
Blair, Rhoda Clair Jenkns
Bourcq, Sue Ellen

Burchaell, Gerald James
Cambre, Ouida Abadie
Chiusano, Deborah Marie Hooge
Copeland, Andre Mabeleen
Dentice, John Patrick
Dykes, Ann Russell
Edney, Deborah Ann "Carrington

Fischer, Mary Beaugez
Flanagan, Patrick "Blue" D.
Frosch, Leonard "Lenny"
Greene, Ronald Wayne
Hamilton, Joe Edward "Buddy"
Hecht, Betty Lottes
James, Christin Michelle
Jenkins, Randall Eugene
Johnson, George Delwood
Keller, Glen Albert

Kelly, Alice S.
Kelty, Henrietta Wyman
Kern, Mary Grabner
King, Wendell "Red"
Lambert, Ronald Patrick
Larosa, Carl V., Jr.
Latham, Edith Lucille Johnson
LeBlanc, Stanley E., Jr.
Lockhart, Jane Elizabeth Kain
Lowry, William Thomson

Mayeux, Louise Marie
McFarland, Robert "Roscoe"
McLean, Anna Rivette
McQuinn, Carl "Quack", Jr.
McWhirt, Jennifer Marie
Melton, Sandra  A.

Mott, Wade Charles
Munson, James Charles
Mussare, Jackie Arlene Howell

Nader, James Paul, III
O'Dowd, Martha Feances Zahn
Ohler, Floyd Henry, Sr.
Olson, John Damian
Ozburn, Mary Louise "Cookie"
Palao, Edward "Eddie" J., Jr.
Pfeiffer, Bonnie Galliano
Picou, Beverly Schneider Hightower
Poynter, Charade F.
Rainey, Arvel Willie, Sr.
Richard, Lionel J.
Richardson, Joe Lyman
Ritzmann, Carl
Robin, Shirley McGinnis
Rodriguez, Audrey Baham
Rodriguez, Ernest Joseph, III
Ryan, Eudene Anthony, III
Saltanachia, Betty Sprouse
Sander, Robert Peter, Jr.
Sanders, Dorothy Elizabeth

Sistrunk, Geraldine "Dane" Wilson
Sorjonen, Ronald Karl
Souder, Lois Mae Zielke
Thompson, Delos Arthur, Sr.
Toranto, Dorothy Wingerter
Vandenborre, Dudley Anthony
Vivien, Jeannine Faye
Wakeley, Agatha "Mickey" Eagan
Warner, Donald Ray "Donnie"
West, Roy E.

Wheeler, Frances Enola Parker
Williamson, Karin Lee
Wineski, Gerald John "Whitey"
Witt, Harry Armand, Sr.
Wood, Bobby Edward, Sr.


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