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St. Tammany Parish, La.
March 2016

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 27 May. 2016

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Amison, Kathleen Robenalt
Avocato, Josephine Bivalacqua
Baggeytt, Ann Kuhn
Bagley, Lucy Hawkins
Bagley, William Marvin, Jr.
Barker, Sharon Ann
Bernard, Philip Michael

Biggs, William Thomas "Ton"
Blue, George "Buddy" R., Jr.
Brady, Wilma Nora
Burst, Kerry G.
Cancienne, Marie Buchmann
Carrier, Stephen Randall
Carter, James Lewis, II
Caserta, Peter L., Sr.
Clark, William Lee
Cooper, Robert Marcus
Cooper, Virgil Ivan

Crumb, Ronald J.
Culver, Joycelyn, Crahan
Foret, Zachary Joseph
Furgeson, Corey Matthew
Gassen, Perryl John

Gauthier, John Joseph "Hoot"
Gill, Susan Manley
Guidry, Jennifer Gail
Guillory, Meghan Marie
Gulino, Lynne Nores
Hall, Adrian B.
Hanna, Gloria Raine
Harvill, John W.
Havrylkoff, Alice Jackson
Hill, Betty Sue
Holifield, Ramona M. Adams
Holzhauser, Dennis L., II
Hosey, Melinda Darnell

Hughes, Louise P.
Jourdan, Lawrence "Cotton"
Killeen, Carol Anderson
Laurent, Amelia Henriques
Marshall, Frank P., Jr.
Martinez, Delana Brook
Mackay, Alexander C.
Migliore, Joseph John
Mooney, Avery Matthew, Sr.
Morel, Wanda Bailey
Mule' Marshall J, "Marty"

Naquin, Helen Inez Nichols
Neidermeier, Esther Foreman
Nunez, Leighton James
Parks, Joyce Blackwell
Postlewait, Timothy Robert
Price, Effie Mary
Puhl, Myra Gail
Richard, Jacqueline Courville
Rogers, Gary Emile
Rouquette, Bonnie Croall
Salisbury, Debbie Guerra
Saltaformaggio, Haley Michelle

Serio, Louise
Sevier, Henry "Happy" Clay, Jr.
Singletary, Carolyn Fay
Stoddard, Henry "Bud" Stanlry
Trentecosta, Glenda Wahl
Tymkiw, Mildred Andersom
Walder, Jules Edward, III
Weihing, Emily Welch
West, Miriam Ruth Williams

Yazbeck, Stephen Andrew, Sr.
Young, Mary Althea Mary

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