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August 2015

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Aucoin, Robbie
Audibert, Shirley Sauviney
Beal, Tammy Marie Scramuzza
Boudreaux, Judith Ann Fernon
Brunson, Howard "Max" Maxwell, Jr.
Cardaro, Peter, Jr.

Carlton, Jack C., Sr.
Chabreck, John J., III
Costanza, Louis Bernard "Sam"
Crockett, George Milton
Dammann, Edwin Joseph
D'Antoni, Joseph John, Jr.
Devalcourt, James Gary, III
DeWitt, Donald R.

Disharry, Donald Paul
Fitte, Althea Bradley
Forbus, Mary Cecil
Ford, Victor Reynolds, III
Frierson, Christina Marie
Froeba, Anita Louise

Gates, Kenneth Joseph
Gault, Robert "Bob" McBeth
Giles, Patricia Gallagher
Hargis, Marilyn Menendez
Harrigan, Michael O.

Harris, Betty D'Amico
Hart, Frederick Howell, Sr.
Hiatt, Judy ann Sensebe
Hickey, Albert Joseph, Jr.
Hochmann, Jaroslava Nemeck
Hodge, Aida Louise Harris
Holliday, Judy Sharp
Jeanfreau, Barbara Lee Coshran
Joseph Malcolm Wayne, Jr.

Kern, Gregory Joseph
Kincade, Kenneth C.
Kurka, Mary Frances
Laughlin, Ruth Guillory
Lawrence, Katherlyne
Mason, Jeretta "Jack", Sr.
McCartney, Bruce
McCombs, Steven
McGaha, Edward L. "Captain Mack"
Miller, Cynthia Manale McGlone
Mire, Julius "Juju", Jr.
Morgan, Marie Sullivan
Nunez, Edward Lawrence "Joe"

Raines, John Albert "Al"
Ray, Henry T.
Riche`, Noah James

Rodriguez, Santiago V.
Ronan, William Joseph
Rusbar, Chester George
Sevier, Marilyn Smith

Singletary, Jerry Noel, Sr.
Solar, Byron A.
Stachovsky, John Alexander
Stewart, Stephanie Burke
Stockstill, Darrin Spencer
Sullivan, Britney A. Griffin
Tanet, Cecilia "Celie" Kirchem Ginart
Tanner, Natalie Joan
Taranto, Felix J.
Taylor, Evelyn Lewis
Taylor, Virginia Ann McDaniel

Toney, Beverly Asher
Trant, Emmett "Curlee"
Trinchard, Paul E.
Tycer, Shirley Bernice Bush
Wanko, Olga Zapotichna
Weldon, Robert walter
Woniger, Augustus "Al" John
Woodward, Carolyn Jean
Young, Assunta Vitagliano

Zimmermann, George Fredrick, III


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