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St. Tammany Parish, La.
May 2015

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified:  3 June, 2015

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Arseneaux, Arthur Andrew, Jr.
Bacon, Aline Patterson
Barnes, Edward Cecil "Tiny"

Bernard, Lynne Theobold
Blalock, Gladys Bice
Blossman, Maria Theresa Caillouet Adams
Bourgeois, Jolie Ducote
Brawders, Richard Michael "Mike", Jr.
Brown, Martha Gay Kirkland
Burcham, Wesley Dean "Wes"
Catchot, Christine Morse
Cognevich, Myrtle Anita Jones
Connolly, Kevin Earl
Cooper, Jeffrey D.
Corkern, Brian William
Cothern, James Alvin
Cresson, Dorothy Ponder
Davis, Lazada Phelps "Sally"
Dowling, James Burke
Duca, Lawrence "Larry" Jacob

Durr, William Joseph, Jr.
Dyer, Marie G. "Millie"
Evans, Patricia Ellen Wallace
Fichter, Camille Cresson
Foley, Wayne William

Fontenot, Rosalie Saragusa
Gagliano, John P., Jr.
Giafaglione, Angelo Joseph
Grady, James R.
Gray, Karen Ann

Guidry, Deborah
Harris, Lisa Cooper
Henderlick, Melba
Kahoe, Carol R.
Ketchum, Thomas Earle
Kinberer, Elnora Lee Wall
Kinchen, David Garfield
Kingman, James "Jim" J.
Lavigne, Raymond E.

Lee, Jane H.
Linemann, Joseph O. "Joe", Jr.
Livingston, Woody J., Jr.
Lowery, Peyton Matthew "Bubba"
Lucidi, Albert Robert
Maiwald, Ernest E.
Massey, Janet Bernert
Mayfield, Barbara Phyllis Holden
McDow, Sloan Heap
Messer, William Fredrick "Fred"

Morgan, Louis Linton
O'Neal, Shelly Blayne
Patrick, Ralph Leonard, Sr.
Pellegrin, David Roy
Phillips, Joyce Mary Friedel
Powell, Hoyt
Pretlove, Deidre Ann
Reed, Carolyn Ann Hosch
Roberson, Patricia Fairley
Romeo, Darrin Paul

Sangassan, Gloria Nunn
Sharpe, Minnie Melissa Felts

Slaughter, Josie Thomas
Smith, Yvette Jenkins
Songer, Ronald Laverne

Strain, Chester Timothy
Strickland, David Bandall, Sr.
Teele, Dana Lynn
Verdun, Susan Ann
Victoriana, Rose Vath
Werther, Nicholas Joseph, Jr.

Williams, Frank Roberts
Willie, Fay Sharp
Willie, Louise Jarrell
Zoller, Samantha Faye "Sam"
Zulauf, Boris

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Get Involved! We are looking for people to donate transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, censuses, Bible records, etc. If you have a parish file you'd like to donate to help other genealogists and the USGenWeb Archives Project, submit it to or contact the Terrebonne Parish file manager Louis Lavedan. It only takes a few minutes a day and it can help so many people.

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