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March 2015

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified:  7 April, 2015

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Abernathy, William Butler "Bill", Jr.
Alphonso, Earlyn Anne deBouchel
Anthon, Merlin Clarence
Ayo, Jeffrey James
Baham, Evelyn Rainey
Baham, Rene Jude, Sr.

Boasso, Theodore Eton Xavier    and
              Alexander Micah Akio
Bonstaff, Ella Dean
Bouterie, Elvira Bachemin
Brasseaux, Gilbert Joseph
Breen, Wayne Edmond
Broom, Stephanie Angelle
Burckell, John Driscoll
Burleson, Rita Buisson

Calahan, Mary Nell Delcambre
Chappetta, Margaret "Marguerite"
Cothern, Joanne Terry
Cousin, Roseline
Crawford, Linda Faye Varnado

Dealecio, Guillermo Emilio "Willie"
Delaney, Melba Ann Riche'
Delaune, Marilynn Rose Denapolis
Donham, Glenn Russell
Duracher, Ruth Bennett
Edgett, "Uncle Bill" William Conrad
Fabre, Ouida Belle Williams

Foster, Jennie Marie D'Alfonso
Franklin, Debra Kathleen Flandorfer
Franklin, Thomas Frederick
Gaidamovics, Arthur
Godail, Ronald Christopher
Hall, Louis "Denny", II
Harrison, Ricky A.
Hawkins, Irma "Mickey" Virginia James
Jihnson, John Richard
Jones, Minnie M.

Kimball, Daniel Patrick "Danny", Jr.
King, Ronald Merle "Toby"
Koehl, Terry Fred, Sr.
LeBlanc, Stanley "Stan" Joseph, Jr.
Lee, Kelli Rachelle

Lepoma, Joyce Ellender
Lester, Felecie Paternostro
Lipscomb, Marianne Boland
McQueen, Donna Patania
McRae, Gayle Ann Mayeux

Meiners, Alvin Lloyd "Goggie"
Messina, Cruz Michael and Costa Jude
Moeller, Beryl Teresa Landry
Monus, Matthew
Moore, Judy Ann Blouin
Morales, German Ernesto
Moran, Jeffrey W.
Mule', Michael Anthony
O'Brien, Kevin Patrick
O'Keefe, Terry James, II
Parker, Bertha Jenkins Corkern
Parker, Ethel Roxie
Patterson, George L., Jr.
Periilloux, Milton, Jr.
Peyton, Earl K., III
Pierce, Barry Paul

Portie, Gary Paul
Raymond, Lawrence F., Sr.
Rendon, Lynette Johnson
Rider, Daniel "Dan" Joseph
Rivet, Geniva Jenkins "Sue"
Roberts, Grady Roque
Romano, Rozellyn Marie Redd

Ruiz, Mildred Louise Baumann
Salvaggio, William J. "Bill"
Sanders, Nathan George
Sauce, Ethel Lee Sons
Scariano, Anthony "Tony" Guy

Scheirman, Richard S.
Schick, Jordan Louis
Schneider, Reginald Peter, Jr.
Smith, Alfred "Allie" V., III
Smith, Joan Davis King
Tauzin, Louis J., Jr.
Truxillo, Trudy Marie
Turner, Terrel James "Terry"
Wilson, Larry Don

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