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February 2015

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Adams, Lawrence Joseph "Larry"
Allison, Phillip Raymond
Baham, Leatrice Marie
Barrere, Angelina "Angie" Marie Serio
Barze, Milton Luke, Sr.
Blackledge, Clois
Boh, Autumn Brook
Booth, Grace Gervais
Bulot, Boyd Matthew

Bnce, Grace
Celestin, Donald Cyril, Sr.
Champagne, Hilda Crowe
Chaucet, Alton Clifford
Clement, Lisa Scott Busby
Conn, Austin Allen
Dahlstrom, Darrell D. "D.D."
Dusat, Eugenie Vandrell
Davis, Robert "Rusty" Louis
DeFraites, Johnny Vincent, Sr.
Draffen, Mary Hunt
Dufresne, Andrew Leonard, Jr.
Duhe, Gary Emile
Elmore, Charlene Ogle "Ann"

Erminger, Valerie Marie
Ferguson, James "Jim"
Ferguson, Robert C. "Bob"
Fiorella, Myrna Lea
Fussell, Howard Ricks

Ginter, Hugh Amos, II
Gleason, Louis "LJ" Joseph
Haddad, Raymond J.

Healy, James Edward
Hebert, Dorothy "Dot"

Hill, Janice Gay
Hopkins, Richard Archie
Hoy, Henry Edwartd
Hursey, Janice Holm

Ingram, Sandra Ann Murphy
Justilian, Debra W. Nuttail
Kennedy, Harry Lee, Jr.
Kirkfield, Consuelo Nuccio
Lairmore, Shirley
Lala, William Trent
Lee, Dwight Bill
Magee, Robert John
Martin, Joseph Rene "Jazzman Joe"
Massey, Cheryl Norton
Meissner, Donna Marie Richardson
Miley, James W. "Bob"
Mincher, Jack Richard
Montero, Anna Casella
Mumphrey, Michael Martin

Navaille, Evelyn S.
Nobles, Patricia Ann Davis
Noonan, Rita Mae Montz
Norman, James Bret "Jim", Sr.
Opera, Mildred Carriere
Orillion, Bonnie Ann Lopez
Parker, Hubert
Pearce, Edith Eskrigge "Tucky"
Pearson, Kurt "Kaptain Kurt"
Pichon, Irma Balfantz

Pittman, Herbert Ray
Regan, Mary Catherine
Reilly, Paulette Demonsabert

Rebennack, Miles Francis, Jr.
Richardson, Edna R.
Robicheaux, Ronnie J.
Rowe, Eugene Wesley

Russell, Lola M.
Schellnger, Lester B. "bucket", Jr.
Scheuermann, Mary Ann Richards
Schock, Waldo H., Jr.
Searcy, Steven S.

Sibley, Frances
Sperandeo, Sandra
Stoktz, Frank Terrell
Sweeney, Adrienne O'Keefe

Swords, Michael Hurd, Sr.
Szczepanski, Leah Miller
Terral, Doris Foto

Uzee, Jane Kleine
Virgil, Mary Payton Olivia
Voelkel, Mark Andrew
Walker, David Arthur
Woodman, Carey C. Cenac
Wooley, Ronald E.


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