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November 2014

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Anderson, Willie Ralph "Wampus"
Andersson, Mary Lodygowski
Andry, Mary Ann Jenkins
Batti, Richard A., Sr.
Beard, Daisy Brumfield
Bertheaud, Clara

Bindewald, William "Bill" Joseph
Blanchard, Bill J.
Bordelon, John
Botsford, Rosalie Calvert
Browne, Nathan Kenneth
Buddy, Lois Guimont
Buras, Madeline Cox

Bush, Bridget Ann
Calascione, Janice Marie Bishop
Carman, Nicholas Robert "Nick"
Carter, Gary Louis
Celestin, Donald Roy, Sr.
Cox, Zula Mae Burnham "Boots"
Cucchiara, Vivian Eimer

Cunningham, Shirlene Boudreaux
Digby, Adele Agusta Babin
Dillon, Joseph "Joe"
DiMaio, Paul Anthony
Doolin, Timothy Shawn, Sr.

DuCoing, Verna
Evans, Darnell Passero
Feske, Robert "Bobby" Charles
Frey, Jacqueline Nles
Gannon, Paula Ann Ales
Gibbs, Kyle Ray

Glaze, Henry Wilson
Godwin, Frost A., Jr.
Griffin, Wilfred Clay, Sr.
Guidry, Ralph James
Guillot, Aldon M. "Boots", Sr.

Hanson, Inez Valerie Clairain
Harris, James Wilber "Willie"
Harris, Myrtle Arlene Cadd
Harsch, Francis Edward
Hinman, Stephen Montgomery

Jackson, Marvin
Jahncke, Betsy Culver
Jenkins, Dickie Louis
Keener, Ernest, Jr.

Larsen, Leora Kief
LaScola, Angelina DeNicola

Lee, Phyliss Ann Blachier
Leonard, Deborah Cantrell
Lipps, Raymond Gerard, Jr.
Lyons, Dorothy "Dottie"
Mertz, Nancy "Belinda" Smith
Michel, Sylvia Revere
Millaras, Pauline Pappas

Mizell, Gerry Wayne
Moll, Earline Ann Mitchell
Montz, James Vincent, Jr.

Morange, Ernest C., Jr.
Morgan, Lillian Ruth
Morse, Rocksand Morgan
Mussachia, Betty Barfoot
Oser, Sarah Anne
Pichon, Kyel Eddy

Pitre, Sharon Fitzgerald
Plaeger, Alvin August
Polk, Richard William "Sonny"
Portier, Robinel Neal
Rabalais, Granville James, Jr.
Reidy, Kevin John

Richards, William E., Jr.
Runyon, Julie Beth Somers
Savoye, Joyce Miller
Smith, Amy Cecelia Lemoine
Somers, Julia Lorene Atkisson
Spear, Iris Serpas
Stevens, Sandra Wells

St. Romain, Edgar Joseph, Jr.
Suka, Virginia Lee
Taylor, Calvin E.
Welch, Lorenza Agnes Ruiz
White, Anne Louise Poole
Williams, Leo Joseph, Jr.

Wisinger, Marie Bouey
Woods, Michael William
Zimmer, Mitchell "Mike"


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