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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 5 August  2014

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Allison, Harry Marshall, Sr.
Alphonse, Rosalie Sagnibene
Baham, Rodney Joseph, Jr.

Bell, Willie Mar Roberts
Berthelot, Octave Joseph, Jr.
Bertucci, John Arthur
Boyer, Donald Michael
Breaux, Danny A., Sr.
Brown, Darrel Earl
Brown, Evelyn Carlisle

Burctchett, Barbara Jordan
Cahill, Patricia Oltman
Calvin, Lester A., Sr.
Cancienne, Sandra Ann Valley

Carline, Duane Marlene
Casey, Faye Fossier
Cavaretta, Keith Michael
Chambers, Elena Ana Laucirica
Cooley, Ala Ruth Morgan
Cooper, Evan Joseph

Craddock, Dudley J.
Crawford, Johnny "Earl"
Delery, Susan Ann Krieger
Deshazo, Theo E.
Donahue, Kathleen Marie
Enterlie, Dio Maine

Fecher, Dorothy F.
Folch, Maria Scudiere
Francipane, Marjorie Tibo
Gagliano, Charles Joseph, Sr.
Gillaspy, Henry gray
Gordon, Elvira Adrienne Block
Haddad, Abdelnour

Hashman, Mary Elizabeth Haynes
Hebert, Myrta Pace
Helm, John David, Jr.
Helmer, Guy
Hidalgo, Arthur John "Sonny", III

Howard, Emily Savoie "Sis"
Jacobsen, Annie Tortorice
Jenkins, Ella vee Quave
Karsolich, Anthony Gabriel, Jr.
Kilgore, Mildred "Midge" Morton Naugle
King, Billy Wayne, II
Lapara, Donald Edward, Jr.

Lee, Irene Baham
Liverett, Joan Holden
Loper, James Thomas, Sr.
Mack, Elsa Muller
Maddox, Leon Wilton
Magee, Joyce Hilda
Mangus, Marie Wood
Migliore, Allie Mae
Milianti, Ross Tom
Milligan, Michael
Morgan, Lois H.
Oser, Ted W.
Peden, Jacquelyn Kleyle

Perkovic, Anton
Polk, Edwin
Ponce, Adrianna Giselle
Rayner, John Carney, Jr.
Reinecke, Harry James
Riviere, Gloria Oalmann Hunt
Ribbeck, Anna Marie Roy

Richard, Earl A., Jr.
Rodrigue, Jerry L.
Rogers, Ado Joseph
Seymour, Joyce
Smith, Jordan Brooks
Spence, Harry D.
Stone, Darnell Soell

Talley, Willie Geneva
Theriot, Betty Marie Decker
Thomas, Kimberly Smith
Tisdale, Dennis James "Jimmy"
Tycer, Marshall Douglas, Sr.
Vander Weel, Sibyl "Pibbie" Barrick
Van Kirk, Signa Charbonnet Coiron

Viola, Mary Agnes Braniff
Wartberg, Ana Julia
Weathersby, Cecil Howard
Webb, Louise Massie
Wiggins, Ester G.
Wilkinson, Theresa Hendrix
Williams, James O. "J.O.", Jr.
Wrenn, Mary Kate Shepard

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