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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 4 July  2014


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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Allen, Mildred Terral
Almerico, Joy "Bella" Marie
Arnold, Sally Ann Ward
Beaudoin, Anne Marie McClung
Benedict, David Tozer
Blanc, Wilma Rita Simoneaux
Bordelon, Robert Thomas, Jr.

Brocato, Margaret "Peggy"
Christian, Joanne Dufrene
Collins, Loretta Durocher
Cox, Ethel Margaret Crosby
Davis, Amelia Catherine "MeMe"
Davis, Steven L.

Delaughter, Shirley Marie LaCoste
Fabre, Eric Paul "PeeWee"
Feske, William "Bill" Robert, Sr.
Fussell, Leon
Galloway, Thomas Alton "Apple"
Gele, Damian Louis
Goode, Jocelyn Patricia Reid
Graham, Donna Lucas

Graves, James "Coonie" William
Hano, Earl F., Sr.
Hill, Fay Edna Fugler
Kennedy, Durward Lee Roy, Sr.
Ketchum, Betty Jane Keating
Kidder, Alfred Joseph
Kiviaho, Odie Mae Witt
Landers, Ernest Lee
LeBlanc, Dina Ann

Lorentz, Eleanora Armstrong
Lopspeich, Barbara Ellis
Matson, Scott L.
McGovern, Charles Michael "Mike", III
McLain, Jason Erich
Melerine, Anna Martinez
Milstead, Kenneth Marshall
Morton, John James, Sr.
Oalmann, Ernest "EJ" J.
Palazzo, Denny

Parker, William Gene, Sr.
Patton, Steven Bowden
Pence, Howard Augustus

Petree, Alvie Duane
Poche', Francis William
Price, Caroline Schmidt
Quinn, Joseph H., Jr.
Root, Kathleen "Kathy" Mary
Schoen, Jacob R., Jr.
Seiler, Marie "Butz" Jacob
Sharp, Kaylee Elizabeth

Sims, Eli Lane
Singletary, Richard "Ed" Edward
Songy, Timothy Joseph
Spiess, Darrell Joseph, Jr.
Talbert, Corinne Hays
Taylor, Woodrow "Woody Magee", Sr.
Wayert, Candy Knight Cucchiara

West, Earl C., Jr.
Westfeldt, Eleanor Woodward
Whittal, Robert Michael
Wilfert, Leonard Philip

Young, William Thomas
Zanca, Nickie Cyrus

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