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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 1 June  2014


St. Tammany Parish still has no local NEWSPAPER.
All obituaries must me obtained directly from the funeral homes!!

or the Times Picayune

Bagnel and Sons which is a significant funeral home in St Tammany Parish has once again provided an excellent web site.
Many of the listings only give name and date of death!
An e-mail or phone call to Bagnell might encourage complete listings

Bagnell & Son Funeral Home
75212 Lee Rd
Covington, LA 70435
Tel: 1-985-893-2235

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Adams, Ann Smith
Adams, Ralph N., Jr.

Austin, Oscar "Donny" Richard
Baker, Marion
Baragona, Pamela Ann Fontenot
Barras, Anna Bicksler
Bergeron, Henry Joseph, Jr.
Beter, Robert Frank
Bettencourtt, Robert L.
Bindewald, Eleanor "Kathy" Loqu
Bland, Victoria "Vicki" Lee Hall
Bryde, Douglas Vance, Jr.
Bunch, Enola Rizzo
Capella, James S. "Jimmy"
Conn, Colin Boyd
Costello, George William
Crawford, Wade Morris

Dean, Ada B. Crawford
DeLaune, Esther Matherne
Denina, Leon Joseph, Jr.

Ducoing, Herbert John, Jr.
Ernst, Adolph Henry, Jr.
Fairburn, Glynn A.
Fasic, Derek "Big D" Gardner
Faust, Muriel Rita
Favre, Karen Ann

Fincher, Murray Creight
Franke, Gordon Lester

Friloux, Alex J., Sr.
Garcia, Henry Parra
Gaudet, Darlene Lejune

Gilbert, Patricia LaCombe
Greer, Paul Elwood
Harder, Kim Mashburn
Harms, Brenda Joyce Craft
Harrell, Guy Mills, III
Holden, Doris Elizabeth Martin Jenkins
Jeffreys, Richard Franklin, Jr.

Knapp, Michael Casey
Koch, Mary Labry
LaMarque, John Charles, Sr.
Landry, Winniefred Beals
Le Rouge, Gladys Gras
Lott, David L.
Malter, Laried Lucien, Sr.
Mayeux, Paul, III

Mayeux, Terry
McKenzie, Herbert "Hub" Edwin
Means, Milton W.
Miller, Darek Nelson

Miller, Larry A.
Morgan, Miles Stefan
Morrow, Marguerite Hofman
Nicaud, Philip Joseph, Sr.
Nuss, Gladys Mullet
Olson, Robert G.
Ortego, Rose Mary Piazza
Parisi, Lina Ramke

Perry, Joseph Frank
Pichon, Julius "JuJu" J.
Ray, Richard L. "Dick"

Reynolds, Louis Baker, Jr.
Rodrigue, Julian J. "Porky"
Saladino, John Joseph
Sharp, Curtis Wayne
Smith, David Eli

Smith, Martin A., Jr.
Swift, Dorothy Ruth Smith
Thoede, Holly Elizabeth
Thomas, Patricia Cordes Calkins
Torres, Anita Hester

Voorhies, Emery Norton
Watkins, Charles Arnold
Westbrook, Veronica Jean
Whitaker, Judith Lorraine
Young, Gerald G.

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