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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 4 May 2014


St. Tammany Parish still has no local NEWSPAPER.
All obituaries must me obtained directly from the funeral homes!!

or the Times Picayune

Bagnel and Sons which is a significant funeral home in St Tammany Parish has once again provided an excellent web site.
Many of the listings only give name and date of death!
An e-mail or phone call to Bagnell might encourage complete listings

Bagnell & Son Funeral Home
75212 Lee Rd
Covington, LA 70435
Tel: 1-985-893-2235

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Anzel, Anthony W. "Bill", Jr.
Balser, Edward Louis, Jr.
Bilica, Bernie Wayne
Birchfield, Stephen E.
Bologna, Antonio
Breland, Harriet J. Berrigan
Buras, Gavin N.
Burglass, Nancy Liles
Cahill, William Preston "Billy"
Calahan, Kathryn "Kathy" Muller
Callaway, Richaard Patrick
Carr, Jane Savard
Catledge, Larry R.
Champagne, Britini Lynn
Chapman, Margie Eaton
Conforto, Joseph Dominic "Joe"
Corb, Ethelene Hughes
Corbett, Cynthia Violet
Cousin, John Claiborne
Cowart, Amos Oris

Cranner, Mary "Venie" Nero
Dalferes, Amelia Pajares
Decker, James "JW", Jr.
Deroche, Joseph P., Jr.

Dettwiller, Earline Wise
Doster, Scotty Lynn
Dowding, William Kent
Fanz, Charlotte Keller Coats
Gilbert, Dennis Patrick
Glapon, Byron Eugene
Glover, Bobby Ray
Green, Charles Darrel

Hammons, Davey Joe
Hansen, Donna Mae Langland
Harris, Robert "Bobby" Livingston
Hebert, Barbara Jean Plaisance
Hebert, Phillip Cire
Honeycutt, Richard
Horst, Florence Louise Heuer
Howard, Hayley Alexandra
Hutson, Marlon H.
Jourdan, Christine Famularo
Keating, Tammy Stogner
Killeen, Christopher Brian
Laing, Maxiel Lee, Jr.
Lemane, Gail Sander
Lemoine, John "Pete" Wayne, Sr.
Liuzza, Daniel Joseph

Mallet, Adie
McDaniel, Ralph Thomas, Sr.
McMichael, Elaine Marie Bourgeois

McQueen, Ruby P.
Moise, Brooke Nicole
Moore, James Arthur
Morlier, Vivian Lee Escalanre
Olson, Mary Jane
Perez, Lenda Dean
Pichoff, Armand Paul,, Jr.
Primes, Dorothy Willie
Quave, John Harold
Quinn, Sidney Paul
Recknagel, Gloria Risbourg
Revere, Elsa De Los Angeles Futch
Rhode, Eli George
Rudesill, Larry Gene, Sr.
Saba, Marlene Burr
Sanderson, Doris Marie Gleason

Schlenker, Blanche
Seybold, Summa Caldwell
Sharp, Timothy Andrew, Jr.
Shows, Jonathan Michael
Signorino, Dorothy "Dottie" Gulino
Smith, Alexander, III
Smith, Ethel "Mamie" Landry
Smith, Jason Dale
Smothers, Emelle L.
Stampley, Shelby Jean Haygood
Stevens, Melvin Joseph

Toney,  Emma Jane Fontenot
Vega, Kathryn "Kitty" Hebert
Vernon, Peggy Joetta Lee
Vinti, Eligio P.
Whipple, Reed Y.

White, Mary Gillis
Williams, Eugenie Edna Glockner
Wilson, Jonathan "Jon"

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