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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 4 March  2014


St. Tammany Parish still has no local NEWSPAPER.
All obituaries must me obtained directly from the funeral homes!!

or the Times Picayune

Bagnel and Sons which is a significant funeral home in St Tammany Parish has once again provided an excellent web site.
For several months no obituary information has been available.
Please contact Bagnel to incourage their publishing their obituaries.

Bagnell & Son Funeral Home
75212 Lee Rd
Covington, LA 70435
Tel: 1-985-893-2235

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Abney, Sam J.
Adair, Margaret Mathis
Adams, Joseph Samuel
Barker, Robert E., Jr.
Barringer, Thomas Clark

Basford, Shirley Mae Weir
Batey, Patricia Laborde
Blanton, Carol Latuso
Breland, Javhon Jerry
Brown, Mamie Steen
Buckner, Ruh Mary Agnes Baumeister
Cangelosi, Ralph Anthony, Sr.
Carollo, Louise Anna

Carter, James Puckette "Jim"
Cooper, Dorothy Mae White
Cornwell, Giles Loren

Crawford, Clarence
Daigle, Gerry Rein
Daniel, Marie Vivian Johnson
Davis, Paula Marie Rose
Dennis, Orchid Farley
Dickson, Richard Michael, Sr.

Duca, Barbara A.
Duhon, Shirley Louise Weidig
Durden, Donald H., Sr.
Elias, Randy Lee

Esteve, Gerard Joseph "Jerry", Jr.
Franks, William "Norman
Frosio, Marion Alice Gay
Giglione, Carmen Marie Ruiz
Glover, Bobby
Graham, Ryan William
Granen, Joshua A.

Hagen, Dean
Hake, Nancy Ileen Wicks
Hartley, Eugene A.
Hebert, Karen Lynn
Heigle, Jacob S., Jr.
Hemstad, Laurette Adele Daniel
Hightower, Joseph Roy
Houk, Lurlean "Mickie" Mickenheim

Jones, Linda Joyce
Jones, Robert J., Jr.
Kennedy, John H.
LaCoste, Earl Joseph "Jay", Jr.
Lampard, Joyce "Joy" Brown

Langston, Dale Edward
Leatherbury, Lula Anita Roberts
Lee, Melba Jean Barnard
Liggio, Cornelia Ann Greenwood
Lingo, David Ray
Long, Pearson "Porkey", Jr.
Lowe, Clifford Neal
McCarthy, Regina Roger
Minor, Calvin John, Sr.

Moray, Virginia Walcutt
Mosacka, Robert "Bobby" L.
O'Dowd, John E., Jr.
O'Ragan, Rosemary "Rosie" Mailhos
Pecar, Mary Balfantz
Pemberton, Rose Rosch

Pert, Leah Frances Greenfield
Pitts, Vernon Earl
Punch, Dave C., Jr.
Raines, Wanda Fay Liverett
Reis, Frederick Minning, Jr.
Riley, Tiffany L.
Rowland, Susan
Sanger, Joseph William
Schott, Mearl Ann Reine
Schultz, Louis Harold
Sereebutra, Chai

Simmons, Sara Katherine
Snyder, Willie Richard
Stockton, Linda Snider Robinson
Torregano, Rogers Joseph
Tranchina, Joann Latuso
Watson, John Taylor, III
Whiteside, George Walter, Jr.
Wild, Louan Terre
Williams, Margaret "Peggy" Roos
Woodard, Kellie Vanderhoff
Woods, Kody H.
Zarich, Carol Ott
Zaccarelli, Francis Joseph, Jr.

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