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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 16 November 2013

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Accardo, Clair Rita Clelland
Albano, Angelo
Anderson, Jackie Darlene
Andry, Alfred Ignatius, Jr.

Boudoin, Wilson P., Jr.
Barrios, Rosemary Marquwt
Berlier, Loretta Pagert

Bernardi, Lionel "Sonny" A., Jr.
Best, Thomas A. "Tucker"
Blanchard, Donna McGee
Boone, Emma Brierre
Browne, David Files
Cole, Harry A., Jr.

Crawford, Karry Pogue
Dammon, Emmett "Pete" G.
Dean, Ethpran C. "Capt. Dean"
Drake, Staci Riussell
Drury, John Clayton, Sr.
Ducre, Rickey Joseph
Durham, Ronald Chivers
Edmondson, William I.
Ellis, Shorn Pheir

Everard, Jennie Schembre
Faciane, Kirby G.
Goodrow, Robert E., Jr.
Hartdegen, Merlin J.
Hayman, Clyde Augustus

Hill, Evelyn R.
Hughes, Carolyn Laymon
Jacobs, Thelma Lucille Philips
Jenkins, Craig
Jett, Joan S.
Johnson, Antoinette Donze
Johnson, Joseph M.

Jones, John Kenneth, Jr.
Kenney, Esther Mussle
Kern, Leo Moeray

King, Barney E., Jr.
Lajaunie, Eris Pastoret
Mahlstedt, Stephen Phillip
McCaskell, Emma Lampley
Moore, Frances Cline
Moss, Betty Ann Kwokfo
Neuner, James G. "Jim"
Ohler, Raymond Jude, Sr.
Panks, Clayton L.
Parr, Mary Frew Allan

Pellegrin, Adam Wayne
Perkins, Dorothy Marie Cothern
Pratt, George Lockwood, Sr.
Richard, George Dennis
Rogers, Juanita Sullivan

Schmidt, Kerry
Seeger, June Fortier
Shapiro, Jean M. Sievers
Speer, Carrie Rebb & Samuel Joseph
Stephany, Joseph Frederick
Storm, Eleanor Davis
Sullivan, David Jack, Sr.
Wall, Theodore Temple, Jr.
Wargo, Gisele Manzanal

Williamson, Mary Graves
Willis, Thomas D., Sr.
Wojcik, Wojciech

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