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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 5 Aug 2013

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Adams, Rubin James
Alline, Paul Joseph, Sr.
Ard, Debra Lynn
Barbier, Joyce Nuessly
Barker, Anna Marie Willie
Barr, Hailey Jayne Morgan
Barr, Matthew David
Bourgeois, Jimmie Diane
Bozant, John Joseph "Joe"
Campo, Alma Hollars

Cape, Marcia Schinkowitch
Cazaubon, Paul A., Jr.
Chauffe, Catherine Isabel Weber
Coleman, Jaime Brunet "JB"
Crutcher, Charles Lee, Sr.
Devillier, Garrett James

Devillier, Patricia Bressett
Devillier, Thomas, Jr.
Devine, Mary
Dominguez, Felix
Doucet, Audrey Lorraine Lyons
Dunn, Paul Frederick, Sr.
Duplessis, Agnes Louise Kloster
Dye, Irene H.
Fairchild, Robert L

Fairchild, Theresa Solar
Ferrara, Ellery P., Sr.
Fierst, Steven
Fischer, John James
Ford, Yvonne Hebert
Franzen, Megan
Gardner, Jesse Claude
Gaupp, Horace J., Jr.
Gonsoulin, Peter Warren
Griglack, Muriel Marie

Hamrick, Jerald Kenneth
Hanle, Ray Louis, Jr.
Hays, Deborah Ann
Hotard, Howard Henry

Hudson, Louise Moran
Jensen, William
Kazda, Hilda Georgina Sanchez
Kelly, Edward Joseph "Coach"
King, Irene "Dee" Hulin
Kirsch, Anthony "Tony" Peter Paul, Jr.
LaPlante, Andrew "Andy" Thomas
Lavigne, Julieanne Cardinale
Linden, Weldon Charles, Jr.
Lowe, Janet Angele Verdun

Marietta, Melvin
Marinovich, Jake M., Jr.
Mizell, Christopher Doyle
Olivier, Diane Blackstone
Ortner, Michelle Lorraine
Pichon, James Clyde
Plescia, Selby "Ann

Populis, Michael Lynn
Redden, Jack Boyd
Reilly, Cora Reiser
Rist, Roderick Hall "Rod"
Rogers, frances Wall

Rushing, Patricia Marie Quave
Russo, Gary Jude, Sr.
Ryan, Kevin Patrick
Shockley, Frank Dwayne

Steele, Kelli Elizabeth
Stoddard, Jerry Parnell
Stokes, Irene Marie Miranne
Tilley, Clyde "Rick" Rickey
Waguespack, Anita T.
Walley, Robert "Bobby" Alexander

Wathen, Ambrose Gerald, O.S.B.
Welshofer, Lee Allan
Williams, Clyde F., Jr.

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Get Involved! We are looking for people to donate transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, censuses, Bible records, etc. If you have a parish file you'd like to donate to help other genealogists and the USGenWeb Archives Project, submit it to or contact the Terrebonne Parish file manager Louis Lavedan. It only takes a few minutes a day and it can help so many people.

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