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May 2013

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Artus, Frank C. "coco"
Baas, Lawrence "Chubby" William, Jr.
Barry, Terry
Beachner, Charles Ray
Becker, Elmire "Sugar" Farrell

Bennett, William, Sr.
Boe, Joseph Peter, Jr.
Boots, John Mead
Braddock, Jeannette Marie

Camp, Samuel David
Campos, William
Clark, Ethel Breland Walker
Clerico, Alberta
Cones, Audrey Crocker

Cooper, Garry
Courcelle, Louise Marie
Currault, Elaine Beaugez
Dearing, G. Howard

Dillon, Geneva Jenkins
Drowning, Michael Bruce
Dubuc, Deborah Ann
Ducote, Barbara Hope Charles
Dukes, Wilfred
Eidson, Brenda Stokes
Englande, Lorraine Rasch
Fambro, Bob "Barry"
Ferguson, Barbara Poole

Gilbert, Ronald Christian, Sr.
Glaser, Leann Mason
Gorgas, Marilyn Autin
Gremillion, Caitlyn Ann
Gremillion, Ruby Gail
Harp, Frances Fay Sharpe
Harrison, Jack R.
Havard, Clark Maxton

Herrin, Rudolph Douglas, Jr.
Holiday, Troy R.
Johnson, Robert Donald
Kelley, Darlene Jenkins
Lange, Gary Peter, Sr.

Lanoux, Patricia Roberts
Leonhard, Rose Perret Armstrong
Macaluso, Anita Kay White
Madej, Ronald E.
Major, Marion "Lou" Luther
Matheson, Rupert Claude
Matran, John P., Sr.
Merritt, Patricia Elaine Naylor
Miles, Ester Evelyn
Miller, Emily Aldridge
Moyle, David Edwin
Neyland, Joyce Sherman
Oalmann, Roy "Buster L.
Orazio, Ronald "Ronnie" J.
Pike, Elizabeth "Bessie" Dubuisson
Pinto, Carolyn Amedeo

Salisbury, Janice
Schmidt, Frederick "Freddy" L.
Schmidt, Oscar Jacob "O.J.", Jr.
Snider, robert R., Sr.
Spinosa, Charles Carl, Jr.
Tassin, Paul, Jr.
Taylor, Coleman "Dolby"
Taylor, Inez Galloway

Vaughn, Charlene Knighten
von Vigel, Marcel Claire Hellbach
Westover, Patricia Y.
Whitacre, Sandra Lee
Woods, Jimmie


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