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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 4 May 2013

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Abney, Jacklyn Fox
Ayres, Marian W.

Barlow, Bertha B.
Beane, Andrea Sink
Beasley, Ida Lee
Beck, Janet Filips
Bingham, Eloise Bourne
Boehme, Henry R., Jr.
Bousfield, John C., Jr.
Brenan, Thomas E., III
Burkes, Louis Garland

Chapin, Victor Ray
Childress, Barbara Jean
Clark, Junita
Clark, Pepilla Kathlyn "Peps Walker"
Clement, Keith Jon
Collier, Lester David "Dave"
Cry, George W.
Cry, Logan John
Culver, Michael R.
Custer, Beverly Ann Holden
Danner, Merlin Firmin
Dixon, Sandra Hampton Stanfield
Dugas, Briant Joseph
Dunestre, Edward R., Jr.
Dunn, Della Rita Favre
Galliano, Daryl Paul
Gerot, Terry Lou

Gleber, Josie Jenkins
Glover, Sarah Catherine Owens
Gould, Ronald Kenneth
Grantham, Palmer
Hadden, Rodney Jay
Hart, Richard "Dick" Byrd

Hayden, Patricia
Hebert, Aaron Bryan
Henssler, Arthur Edward
Hillery, Rev Charles Spelman, Sr.
Hirschey, Miriam Boasso

Holden, Alice M. Chaise
Iwanowski, Elaine Kessler
Jacobs, Larry James "Jake"
James, Vera Williams
Jenny, Ruth Pinto

Jones, Karen "Christi"
Kelly, James B.
Kennedy, M. Virginia

Kent, Ellen V. Yarbrough
King, Harriet E.
Klein, Leola "Maw Maw"
Langston, Marilyn
LeBlanc, Wildon Joseph
Lee, Norma Wortham
Litzenberger, Michael Lee
Lopez, Meghan Victoria
Mangrum, Seth Bryant
Marshall, Robert "Bob" Chesley
McGaha, William Robert
McGill, Frank Edward
McGinnis, Mamie Edwards
McLain, Beulah Thigpen
Meiners, James Fred
Meyer, Daisy Marie
Milner, Dee
Morgan, John
Morris, Dennis Eugene, Sr.
Morris, Jack Darrell
Ohler, Raymond Jude, Jr.
Paille, Andre "Brother". Jr.
Pellegrin, Sandra Savarese Wright
Peperone, Melanie Crouch
Perry, Catherine "Cay" Bush

Polk, Virgil "Dickie Boy", jr.
Puckett, Claude, Jr.
Ray, Richard E.
Risher, Taylor Christine
Robichaux, Velma Mims
Rosier, Henry Parvin, Sr.
Shows, Frank Clay

Singletary, Joann
Slagle, Vera, Rouse
Silman, David Jude
Stockstill, John Morgan, Sr.
Swanson, Lois Marcella Carlson
Tabor, Martha Enola Smith
Turnbull, Dora Elizabeth Case
Umberger, Anne Ninzel
Walker, Ella Louise "Lou" Taylor
Warriner, Deborah Kidwell
Weber, Richard Gabriel
White, Georgia Haigler
Williams, Bessie Sharp

Zechenelly, Shirley Cornellia

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