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January 2013

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Addison, Justin Dakota
Alexander, Mamie Lee Bell
Arseneaux, Anna Boudreaux
Bersin, Saul
Berzas, Naeomi Dupuis
Billiot, Mary Lee Derouen
Blackwell, Peggy Jean Fitzmorris
Bordelon, James William
Boudreaux, Mary Poche
Brocato, Joseph P.
Burtch, William "Bill" Joseph
Camaille, William S.
Cambre, Richard "Dickie"
Caro, Frederick Lawrence
Chapman, William Lindsay
Chastain, Concepton "Connie" Rebello
Coci, Barbara "Bobbie" Gale Veazey
Cotter, John
Crovetto, Mary Lavite
Cusimano, Linda "Lulu" Posey
Delouise, Sarah "Sally" Fontaine
Dunn, Beatrice Kempton

Dutruch, Eva Mae Mizell
Elfert, Rodger A.
Elijich, Ruth Fuqua
Encardes, Elizabeth A. Raoch Wheelden
Faciane, Bruce Joseph, Sr.
Fauntleroy, Kristan Bleize Valentour
Faust, Aline Dora Odom
Fletschinger, Joseph "Joey" M.

Gillman, Miranda
Gowland, Patricia Ann Harper
Guidry, Henry J., Jr.

Harmony, Lewis
Hebert, Carrol Joseph
Heisser, Tyra Denise

Heno, Eugene L. "Gene", III
Higgins, Cindy Gaye
Hoffman, David "Dave" R.
Howard, Robert Wesley, Sr.
Humphries, Rebekah Ruth
Hunt, Woodrow, Sr.
Hyacinth, Rhonda Banner
Javery, Geraldine
Jenners, Martha Murrane
Jett, Keith Marlon

Johnson, Claiborne Guy
Kelly, Cherry Lee Lassabe
Kennedy, Wade Huel, Jr.
Kerr, William "Bill", Jr.
Killgore, Thomas "Max" Maxwell
King, Isabelle Lemane "Belle"
Knott, William R.
Knolton, Ernestine Stokes
Koch, Aida Ochoa

Kullman, Bobby
Lacombe, Glenn P.
Ladner, Chancel "Chanie" Elvin
Lala, Elton A.
LeBlanc, Dexter

LeBlanc, Kay Frances Lange
Lindsey, Margaret Elizabeth
Long, Rhonda Lightfoot
Martin, Jeanne Pasquet "Mitzi"
Maumus, Consuelo Villavicencio

McCaskell, James W.
McGinnis, Richard Riley
Michel, Vincent Camille
Mitcham, Irene Anthony
Moltzan, Ronald
Moorman, Richard H.
Oteri, Sybil Anne Galivan
Palmer, Edward "Turtle Man James

Palmer, Harden "Scoona" Pierre
Parr, Dorothy Regina Cox
Parsons, George Denton, Jr.

Payne, Clinton "Iron Head" Ray
Pichon, Clifford Anthony
Pizzo, Mary LaPlante
Rainey, Murel, Sr.
Richter, John William, Jr.
Robin, Peter Joseph
Rodriguez, Deana Walls
Salassi, Alys Villere

Scheffer, Tina Ourso
Sciortino, Anthony Joseph, Jr.
Seligman, Alain Robert
Severs, Joan Sasseen
Sharp, Raymond A., Sr.

Simoneaux, Nicholas Earl Webster Evans
Sims, Joan
Spell, Julius G.
Stafford, Frank Aaron
Stephens, Walter Joseph, Sr.
Sylvest, Edward Daniel

Symons, Olga
Tate, Stacy Matthew
Terrebonne, Mary Wirtz
Thigpen, Thomas Clayton, Jr.

Tierney, Marie "Jeanette" Dufor
Troxclair, David joseph
Tyler, Henry Johnson, Jr.
Vice, Roxanna L. Wolff
Wallace, Mary Gail
Walsh, Erin Colleen

Weaver, John
Whitehurst, Kathleen Hennessey
Willette, D. Keith

Wilson, Robin Randall
Wright, Patricia Ann Edwards
Yee, Meng Fu


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