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St. Tammany Parish, La.
December 2012

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 3 January 2013

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Abram, Thais Bischoff Forster
Allnet, Andrew John, Jr.
Alsobrooks, Opal Craddock
Anderson, Leroy
Baham, Athalea Rose
Bennett, Mary Alice Alford
Boe, Linda Lemoine

Bogran, Bertha "Birdie" Ann Waguespack
Bordelon, Gertrude Mary Miller
Bowman, Jack
Butler, Verna Clara Poole
Cahanin, Ronald Albert
Cardaro, Frank J.
Carlander, Judy Leslie Evelyn

Catanzaro, Anita
Chatelain, Irby Joseph
Cittadino, Ronald C., Sr.
Clement, Bro. Abel "Pop" F.S.C.
Clemons, William "Billy"Allen
Colburn, Michael Means
Coleman, Roy Henry, Sr.
Conforto, Peter Michel
Constrans, Richard "Dick" E.
Cordell, Jewell Moore
Cortes, Patricia C.
Cross, Frances "Sisi" Jean
Dahmer, George francis
Davis, Mary D.

Day, Kathryn
Deas, Sherman F.
DeCorte, Sylvester Joseph
Dedinger, Albert "Al" Bernard, Jr.
Disimone, Martha Tarnok
Dodson, Alberta Christine Fayard
Edwards, Guy Patrick
Epperson, Vernita Claire Zander

Estain, Florence
Fiegler, Esther
Fitzmorris, Theora Olivieri
Floyd, Gertrude Newman

Franklin, Mary Ellen
Frost, Gloria Grace Mouier
Gaines, James P.
Gibbens, Irene Schuerman
Gipson, Merry Estelle
Gonzales, Frederic, Jr.
Gottschalak, Robin Marie
Guillory, Michael James
Hall, Betty Kate Cottrell

Hanamean, James
Hanks, Kay Miguez
Harris, Gemma Grace
Haydel, Rhodney A.
Hennessey, Suzanne Buzbee
Holmes, Ronny E.
Hrivnak, Estelle Ellen Jourdan

Hurstell, Lilmar E.
Kondas, Joseph John, III
Krogsgard, Russell Dahl
Lairsey, Lyric Faith
Lange, Charles Robert, Jr.
LeBreton, Nancy Delores
Leonard, Dianne Beaujeaux
Lewis, Edward Fredrick, Sr.
Litfin, Joseph H.
Lopez, Donna Maria Gorrondona
Lopiccolo, Shirley Ann

Maginnis, Malcolm, Sr.
Manuel, Roger
Marquize, Amanda Brooke

Mascaro, Tony "T.J."
Matamoros, Cedric Lamond, Sr.
Mayeux, Ronald "Ronnie" James

McKee, Ernest Stewart
Mendow, Adrian "Papa SMURF"
Mercer, Lalah Perkins
Meyers, Dorothy Little
Molony, Dianne Helen
Moore, Jason Alan
Magim, Kathleen Frey
Page, Alma Williams
Page, Sylas Thanh
Paternostro, Russell Joseph
Pereira, Margaret Ingraham
Pinac, Reid Edwin, Sr.

Plaisance, Norles Leonce, Sr.
Plauche, Lois Antilley
Ponthieux, Mary Lou
Powers, William Clayton, III

Rahmel, Ronnie M.
Randazzo, Beverly Bachus
Reine, Scott E.
Reviere, Edwin B.

Rheams, Eugenie
Richardson, Joyce McDonald
Riche', Henry J., Jr.
Robinson, Gerard
Russell, Sharron
Sanzone, Kenneth Dean
Schlenker, William John
Schoennagel, Mervin Leon, Jr.

Schofield, Mary "Kathi"
Schulte, Willie Mae Ann
Seligman, Alain R.
Simpson, Marion Guyton "Doc"
Smith, Robert E.
Songuy, Nell Rose Weir
Spiess, Mark Joseph
Stan, Henry, Jr.
Storms, Bruce Barron
Tassin, Ouita Clements
Tibbs, Anna M.
Treadaway, Wallace
Tucker, Joan Buckley

Vedros, Robert Joseph
Vivien, Charles L., Sr.
Washburn, John L.
Weiss, Stanley
White, Antoinette Rita Esposito
Wildgen, Althea Reader Memory
Williams, Marjorie Anne Mize
Williams, Nelda Rose Martin
Womack, Alonda P.
Wood, Lyndall Emma Sharp
Zeillmann, Janet Medley

Zeleny, William "Bill" J., Jr.
Zitzmann, Claire Falco Saglibene

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