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October 2012

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 2 November 2012

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Adams, Gwendolyn Sprouse
Anglin, Opal Brewer
Bailey, David Thomas

Bankston, Theresa Lavimoniere
Bartet, John Joseph, Sr.
Blackmon, Thomas I.
Bond, Alma Henley
Bor, Marjorie Oalmann Kohnke
Bordes, Karla Pistorius
Bourgeois, Carl Joseph, Sr.

Bozant, Rita Mae Kettenring
Baradell, Charles L., Jr.
Brown, Tracey A.
Buczkowski, Audrey Priscilla

Burckel, Charles L., III
Calato, Marjorie Mastio
Carron, Viola Swann
Case, Francis "Fran"
Cassidy, James Francis
Castillion, Mary Diggs
Cordes, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Skelly

Coward, Ray "Patt" Patterson
Crawford, Craig A.
Deano, Alice Lanusse
Dennis, Frank Irven
Dillon, Untuk Yang
Douglas, David Mark, Sr.
Eads, Richard Carlton
Falterman, Velma Marie Trammell
Fogg, Elizabeth Susan "Liz"

Foster, Stephan "Stephie" Foster
Fox, Philip P.
Francis, Lucille Giveans
Fulmer, James R.

Fussell, Raymond Eugene
Gilbertson, Michael "Mike"
Grahm, Rose Dora Marguerite
Grahm, Thomas F., Jr.
Grieshaber, Irene Brown

Groomer, Warren J.
Herbez, Ruby M. Boudreaux
Herron, Dolores Messmer
Hill, Carl T.
Howell, Shirley Mae Clement
Jaufre, Mary Margaret O'Henly

Keen, Wade Gordon
King, Lisa Panks
Knox, R. L., II
Lacy, Harold Allen, Sr.
Lien, Harold "John", Jr.
Lynch, Bernardine Liuzza
Lynchard, J. D. "The Fishman"
Maduell, Charles Rene, III

Malloy, Sheelagh Paxton
Martinell, Richard G.
Massey, Drake Riley
McCann, Michelle "Mitzi" Corcoran
McClain, Amy Druen
McCraine, Claudette Helen Morris
Meyers, Cherie Ann Deroche

Montreuil, Brian Michael
Morel, Rudolph "Rudy", Sr.
Narkun, Alfred Henry
O'Brien, Charles "Charley" Lawrence
Olszewski, Nina Wereson
Pechon, Kathleen Milleravage
Rolls, Sonya Joan
Ronzello, Angelo Victor
Sanders, Zadie
Sandifer, Sherrill E.
Schmidt, Eva John
Schmidt, Rudolph Joseph, Jr.
Schween, Dean

Seicshnaydre, Margaret Romage
Scobel, Catherine Vanda "Kathy"
Sechrist, Carleen Barrere
Seippel, Casey Patrick
Serpas, Rosalie Navarrette

Shank, Jessie Brister
Sons, Jaiden Paul
Stephany, Joseph Anthony, Jr.
Varacalle, Dominic Joseph, Sr.
Walker, Minnie L. Starness Creekmore
Watkins, Huey L.
Wellemeyer, William Robert "Bill"
Wicker, W. T., "Rip"
Williams, Guy "Bino"
Williamson, Eleanor Vern Spence
Winne, Peter, Sr.

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