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St. Tammany Parish, La.
April 2012

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 2 May 2012

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Alejandro, Virginia Santos
Allen, Michael Anthony
Allred, Peggy Jean
Ambo, Archie, Jr.
Anglin, Elaine Badinger
Artus, Henry, Jr.
Babb, Christy Michelle
Baldwin, Lawrence J. "Chink", Jr.
Barton, Lucille Toney
Beal, Bonnie Herring
Bell, Alfred
Blackburn, Aaron Joseph
Bodenheimer, Warren S., Jr.
Brooks, Gale Lee
Burke, Rita Kay Jenkins
Burns, Frank M. "Rusty"
Bush, Carolyn Medine
Capron, Wanna "Mimi" Villars
Carboni, Mary Lincoln Wagner
Carver, Marlyn Nunez
Cognevich,  Grace Clerc
Cucchiara, Bruce Felix
Culotta, Angel Cantrell
Curnalia, Juanita "Kitty" Eccles
Davis, Vince L. "Vinny"
Dearman, Kayla Lynn "LaLynn"
DeBoisblanc, Camille Paternostro
Derbins, William H.
DeVilleneuve, Ruth Walker
Drennan, Cecelia Louise Minnik
Dunn, Anne Zahn
Dunne, Joseph
Dwyer, Adaire Hodge
Edmondson, Wilma Schwarz
Faulk, Shirley Pennington
Fernandez, Clifton D.
Fischer, Thomas Gerald
Frederick, Nancy Lee
Freyder, Ryan Harris
Galloway, Loyd
Gautreaux, Mildred Landry
Giordano, Nunzio "Nuna"
Goldman, Clanton Charles
Gyillemet, Nancy Catherine Gotschall
Guth, Marilena T. "Mops"
Halisky, Julia Theoharatos
Hallal, Francis Joseph "Frank"
Harrison, Calvin Lionel "Skeet"
Heyd, Gail Kastner
Holiday, Randolph Gerald
Hope, Alexandria "Allie" Ruth
Ichikawa, Ken M.
Johnston, Wanda Beverly
Keenan, Marie "Elaine" Poche'
Killen, Ralph Nelson
King, Mary Pauline Thompson
Klebba, Catherine "Polly" Forton
Klekamp, Amber Williams
Lahners, Louis Howell "Cappy"
Lapotaire, Dolores Agnes Manthey
Laurie, Jessie Trahan
Lee, William Kenneth
Lema, Catherine Rita
Lemoine, Mary Elizabeth
Lichtenstein, Anna May
Livingston, Adam Craig
Lopez, Alejandro E. "Alex", Sr.
Loquet, Edwin R.
Lourido, Frank
Mabe, David Lynn
Macafore, Samuel "Sammy" Michael, Jr.
Maestri, Victor Paul
Marcussen, Charley "Chuck"
McAlister, Elizabeth Ann "Sissy"
Michel, Clara Alphonse
Mitchell, Iven B.
Motichek, Stephen Cyril
Mottinger, Elsie Florence Ritter
Muller, John L.
Overman, Margaret McNiff
Pounds, Willard Milton, Sr.
Prather, Lillie Faye
Prentice, Rose Canal Hart
Rahmel, Rosemary Frances Ann Cassidey
Robinson, Marguerite "Betty" Cocke
Roy, Ronnie
Satterlee, Vicki Crumley
Sbisa, Tracy Leigh Stewart
Schilleci, Thana Celeste
Selle, Rita Schlumbrecht
Sessions, Zada Vermelle
Slotness, Raymond Dahl
Smith, Wilbur Ley, Jr.
Sule, Margaret Elizabeth Bailey
Tardo, Millicient Haydel
Vanrysseghem, Sharon LeBlanc
Vidrine, Juanita Sharp
Watford, Marshall E., Jr.
Weimer, Henry Lee "Hank"
Welch, James Roland
Wilkes, Deborah Lynn Wheat
Willingham, Danny Keith
Young, Jacob Alfred, Sr.

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Get Involved! We are looking for people to donate transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, censuses, Bible records, etc. If you have a parish file you'd like to donate to help other genealogists and the USGenWeb Archives Project, submit it to or contact the Terrebonne Parish file manager Louis Lavedan. It only takes a few minutes a day and it can help so many people.

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