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May 2011

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 2 June 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Aaron, Jane Salomone
Abney, Dennie W.
Acosta, Eric Thomas
Backes, Edgar Charles, Jr.
Battaglia, Jimmie "Jean" Hillman
Biggs, Catherine, Lipscomb
Bonano, Mary "Elaine" Atwood
Bonaventure, Edgar J. "Nego" Sr.
Boudreaux, Gertrude
Bumpas, Jean Hughes
Burley, Alice G.
Butler, Joseph, Jr.
Campeaux, Lolita Anna Mathas
Camper, Albert Curtis "AC", Jr.
Carey, Mary "Therese" Higgins
Carp, Carl Carol
Carter, Willie "Bill" Morris, Sr.
Chadbourne, Dorothy Gurrera
Champagne, Charles Joseph
Cousins, Margaret M.
Cox, Clyde Alva, Jr.
Cozell, Betty Abate Molinelli
Crandall, Larry Max
Crawford, Randy Willis
Cuccio, Margaret V.
Dabdoub, Jacob Abraham "Jack"
Daigle, Claude Anthony, Jr.
Darby, Manuel
Davis, Oliver Francis "Red"
Dudoussat, Colston Anthony
Dufrene, Stephen "Howard" P.
Durbin, Muriel Rita "Mitzie"
Easley, Weldon
Eckles, Basil Lowry, Jr.
Elliot, Rose Marie
Eubanks, Willie J.
Frommeyer, Gail
Gaunt, Christopher Hayden
Graham, J. Van
Graham, Rose Marie Mitchell
Greco, Vincent "Chuckie" J.
Gross, Beverly Smith
Grubb, Linda Gill
Gunulfsen, Bernice Cox
Hagardorn, Jeannette LeBlanc
Halvorsen, Ruby Ann
Heath, Darvin Lee
Heath, Edna Taylor
Hillery, Harriet Bulliard Wood
Hoppmeyer, Calvin Carl
Hubert, Lawrence Nicholas, Jr.
Hulin, John Harvy
Jarrell, Jesse Doss
Kinney, Walter  James "Bud", Jr.
Koch, Robert Joshua
Lacroix, Morris Anthony
Leonard, Michael George, Jr.
Maltzahn, David George
Marcello, Anastasia "Butsy" Cuccia
Martono, Joseph Michael
McGaha, Mildred M.
Montgomery, Ethel Lucille Boyd
Norra, Ethel "Ette"
Ogea, D. D.
Parr, Thomas Allan, Sr.
Perrilloux, Thelma "Louise"
Phillips, Wm. Kenneth
Prestenbach, Harold Thomas
Pulaski, Valine Dendy
Ritchie, Aline Stafford
Ross, Susan B. Clark
Sanders, Herbert, Carl
Satterlee, John Lawrence
Schaefer, Philip Joseph, III
Scott, Kevin Darrell
Sellman, Eric Ronald
Sigrest, Steven Gary
Siren, Marilyn Cyprus
Smith, Genevieve Antonia
Smith, Marcella "Marci" Maria Lena
Stiglets, Barbara Crocker Oliver
Thomas, Katie
Venturella, Joann Weigand
Wichterich, Gloria Parker
Wintz, Kenneth Owen
Wood, Tony Ray

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