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April 2011

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 2 May 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Anderson, Cynthia Keaton
Antrainer, Andrew Scott
Armirez, Emilio
Arroyo, Lionel "Butch" Joseph, Sr.
Augello, Emanuele "Manuele
Babcock, Ellis Leroy, Jr.
Bell, Charles Bryant, Jr.
Blaum, Jeffery Charles
Bosch, James Joseph, Sr.
Bossier, Weldon L., Sr.
Bouche, Ethan Joseph
Boyd, Josephine Grace Richards
Britton, Bernice A.
Buckley, Henry G.
Callahan, Robert V.
Campbell, Loretta Sarah
Chisholm, Patrick "Pat" G.
Cole, Doris Lambrecht
Creswell, Ruby Mayfield
Davis, Rodney W., Sr.
Dial, Frank, Jr.
Dicks, Adam Christopher
Dupont, Mary Costanza
Dupuy, Clarence O., Jr.
Eastman, Edmund "Ed" James, Sr.
Ervin, Lloyd Douglas
Finch, James "Jim" Paul
Fitzmaurice, Kelly Patrick
Fitzpatrick, Yvette Marie Gray
Fox, Mary Kuhne Symons
Franszczak, Richard Daniel, Jr.
Gabb, Robert Bernard
Galatas, Elva
Garner, Marsha Ann Croiwe Wyatt
Gomez, Pete D. "Mr. Pete"
Goodwin, Louise H.
Griffin, Vivian Delores Deris
Hall, Ella Mae
Heap, Joseph Lawrence, Sr.
Hilton, Lewis Perry
Hursey, Grace Johnson
Hurst, Freddie A.
Hutzler, Melvin Ray
Jacobs, Aldor Loring Matta
Jacobs, Charles "Chuck" Albert
Jayroe, Julie A.
Jenkins, Irma Mae
Johnson, Anne Minnick Prescott
Kittel, Kraig N.
Klibert, Philip Joseph
Krouse, Douglas Lee
Latuso, Judy
Lemoine, Gloria Bordelon
Lovell, Odessa "Sandy"
Lyons, Donald G.
Marti, George
Maumus, Robert Walter
McKee, Clara Jones
McKinley Mamie Lee Jones
McLindon, Tabitha Anne
McManus, Jerry Lynn
Michel, Lewis Charles
Miller, David Wesley
Miller, May Retha Tillitson
Mitchell, Janice Aileen Rist
Morgan, William "Matt" Matthew
Morrison, Robert Easton
Mowen, Rita
Navarre, Lorraine Torregano
Oalmann, Georgia Juanita
Olson, Eurlene C. Talley
Parker, Anna Louise Mouton
Ponson, Joseph Albert
Ray, June Elaine Peterson
Rilette, Adrienne Miller
Rist, Grant "Billy" Roderick
Rohrer, Lillie Marie Quave
Rosenthal, Dorothy "Dottye" Davis
Rousseau, Charles Stanley, Jr.
Roussell, Gloria Hardy
Schlenker, Alice Kusch
Scott, Harold C.
Sharp, Douglas Wade
Shires, Cissy Brady
Suhre, Ashley Michelle
Slone, Michael B.
Smith Cecile Lightell
Smith, David Lee
Smith, Stanley Anthony
Smith, Zenobia "Sue"
Spears, Deanne R.
Stire, John Sidney
Story, Randall Howard
Talley, Troy H.
Thigpen, Ruby Leach
Thrasher, Karen Kaye "Moo Moo" Movick
Venturini, Regina C. Ballay
Vincent, Kendall Reed
Williams, Danny Timothy, Sr.
Williams, Myrtle Baker
Woodward, Sarah Rozella Jamison
Yee, Thomas Ming S. Thomas, Sr.

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