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February 2011

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Anderson, Joseph Pryor
Armstrong, Patricia Christoph
Arnold, Alida Striwerda
Bach, Peter Augustus
Batiste, Alex "Porky", Jr.
Beaujeaux, Althea Adrianne Champagne Davis
Blackwell, Myra Healy
Blanc-Ruth Helwick
Brandt, Anita M.
Braquet, Esther B.
Braquet, Joyce Francis Erato
Brouillette, Jacqueline Marie
Brown, Betty Dubuisson
Bruce, Charlene Ann Metzler
Burlett, Gina Marie
Cambias, Seymour, Jr.
Camp, James "Marshal" Russell
Carter, Wanda Mae Weaver
Cobb, Alfred Manuel "Chief"
Comeaux, Gerald John
Connor, Walter Richard
Conover, Jason Paul
Cramer, Dorothy Mayer
Crosby, Don Anthony
Crouere, Joffre J.
Cubas, Hector
Cundiff, George, Sr.
Daniel, Timothy
Davis, Mary
Deese, Michael Brian
Desselle, Leon William
Dirmann, Viola Rosamond
Draughn, Mary Nell
Driebe, Paul Robert
Dusang, Joyce R.
Fandal, Lillie Lewis Dubuisson
Faucon Katherine "Micki" Michelle Haymore
Fitzmorris, Olean Amaryllis Marshall
Fox, Linda
Frost, Tessie, Lafleur
Fuenmayor, Jayson Mitchell
Gahn, Richard Alfred
Garner, Robert Eugene
Gracia, Mary Lopiraro
Haney, Marian Whipple
Hazzard, William "Bill" A, III
Hebert, Chris Joseph
Helmke, Norma Margaret
Hilderbrand, Frances "Fran" Mary
Howard, Ione Mayer
Hrubes, John W., III
Jenkins, Marjorie King
Jones, Frances
Jones, Willie, Sr.
Keating, Glenn "Eddie", Jr.
Koepp, Floyd Arthur, Sr.
Lap, Gerald
LeBlanc, F. Roland
LeBlanc, Lloyd James
Lemoine, Irby Joseph
Matulich, Lawrence F., Sr.
McIntire, Houston
Messick, Edward Bennett, Jr.
Monaghan, Melissa Lynn Rucker
Morgan, Martha Anna Blackwell
Mulligan, Michael Webb
Orazio, Doris Rogers
Parker, Walter Warren "Squirt", Sr.
Perniciaro, Lucien "Ted" Theodore
Pettus, Katie Ruth
Pichon, Carol Gaudin Appleton

Porter, Joseph D.
Potts, Daniel Lewis, Sr.
Reiss,, Francis Louis "Red"
Rittiner, Carol M.
Rivet, Peggy
Roberts, Sharon Kent
Rosa, Iva Lee Sharp
Roux, Evelyn Kronlage
Ruth, Linda Bove
Sagul, Helen Maye
Saunders, Billy Joe "Bill"
Seghers, Audrey Cloutier
Seiler, Gerald L., Sr.
Shuh, Earl Michael
Singletary, Ray Delano
Smith, Catherine Ann
Smith, James Roy
Smooth, Monroe, Sr.
Snyder, Stephen Howard, Sr.
Sons, Daniel "Danny" P.
Talamo, Keith G.
Taylor, Sheila Cockrell
Thompson, Keith Wayne
Toney, Lee, Jr.
Tournier, Brigitte Marie
Trombley, Anthony "Tony" Charles
Van Deventer, Wilhelm Hendrick Johan
Van Matre, Lori Hoffman
Walsh, Shiela Mary
Weller, Matthew Lloyd "Matt"
Westcott, Brenda Hamilton
Williams, Bert Calvin
Willis, Jeff C.
Zahn, Wealthy Ann "Penny"
Zanco, Rose Difatta


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