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January 2011

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Adams, June Marie Michel
Adams, Steven Michael
Adler, Uwe Manfred
Aitkens, Virginia Nock
Alexander, Carol Ann
Allen, William "Bill" Charles
Archer, Harold Burton
Armstrong, Edward A. "Rusty", Jr.
Baker, Ronald James
Beal, Gay Percival
Beier, Frank Luther
Bennett, Charles E.
Blackwell, Hilda Mae
Boone, Mamie Helen
Bossier, Edwin "Bubby"
Bowers, Eleanor "Ellie"  Ruth Shairo Miller
Brockman, William
Brown, Richard R.
Burrell, Gwendolyn Sellers
Byers, Cheryl C.
Campbell, Kent James
Carpenter, Lloyd
Carver, Edgar M. "Sonny"
Chatelain, Thelma Lemoine
Cheramie, Hughes "Jerry" J., Jr.
Chaisson, Audrey
Claude, Ellarose Square
Courtney, Bernadette "Bernie" Treadway
Cowin, William Pritchett
Crockett, Cassie Jean Clifton
Cuccio, Raymond Joseph, Sr.
Dalferes, J. Lee, Jr.
Dawsey, Yvonne Loyd
Decarlo, Matthew
Deemes, Herman Roy, Sr.
Disimone, John Paul Victor
Domino, Larry, Jr.
Dubreuil, Alison Hebert
Ebeling, Geraldine Trochesset
Ellington, Winnie Harvey
Erwin, Tema
Farragut, Shirley Wilbur
Federico, Russell Joseph, Jr.
Fellows, Elizabeth A.
Fasterling, Barbara A. Greenfield
Freibert, Gloria Arceneaux
Frierson, Linda A.
Fryson, Richard, Sr.
Fulkerson, Ben
Gallagher, Muriel Gautreaux
Galloway, Ollie Loyd Perry
Gammon, Gregg Edwin
Hillburn, Lena Ann Giardina
Hunt, Mary Ellen Coyne
Inzinna, Cody Michael
James, Dolores "Cookie"
Jenkins, Shelby P.
Keel, Josephine T.
Keniery, Howard J.
Kistler, John C. "Jack", M.D.
Klobas, Myra Gwen Baham
Koepp, Roy J., Jr.
Landeche, Vivian Marie Louise Vosbein
Lavigne, James Earl
Leveson, Myrtle Achee
Levy, Marguerite Bannabel
Lewis, Mary West
Lott, Lawrence L.
MacDonald, Margaret
Magee, Marian Rivard
Mathas, Darren Elvin
McNeilly, James Robert, Jr.
McWilliams, Patrick T.
Melvin, Katherine "Kat"
Meyer, Lawrence "Larry" Peter, Jr.
Modes, Annamaria Chavez
Moody, Willie D., Jr.
Morgan, Cecil, III
Nafziger, David

Nicholson, Leslie "Buster" James
Nordgren, Sara Ella "Nell" Eustis
North, Helene Brown
O'Keefe, Mary E. Merz
Pedersen, Eugenie "Jean" Sirera
Perez, Brian Matthew
Perkins, Maxine
Probst, Louis Joseph
Reavis, Wayne Michael
Recupero, Joseph Vincent
Rene', Francis Thomas, D.D.S.
Robbins, Carolyn Louise Stroud
Robert, Marie Williams
Robichaux, Sandy Ann
Robinson, Gray
Rogers, Hardie, Sr.
Russell, Kenneth J.
Sanders, Brett Dorsey
Secunior, Ella Pena
Sharp, Eddie Albert
Simoneaux, Rhea Darcey
Smith, James Alexander
Smythe, John Winfield, Jr. PhD
Spinks, Gary
St. Pierre, Terrell "Saint"
Sylvas, Geneva Batiste Dorsey
Talley, Shawn A.
Tebbe, Ralph Milton
Teleshak, Stephen
Theriot, Edmey Ann "Temae" Sonnier
Underwood, Pearl Angele Durio
Upshaw, Charles Patrick
VanGeffen, George Harold
Vatter, Alzilda Louise Richard
Wadenpfuhl, Raymond J. "Ray"
Warrington, Gilbert, Oliver
Williamson, Claude, Jr.
Winter, Kenneth J.
Wood, Jon "Mark", Sr.


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