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September 2010

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Bannon, Virginia
Barnes, Thyra
Bauer, Marilyn
Beau, Robert
Bickers, Mary
Billiot, Julius
Black, Roy
Blackwell, James, Sr.
Breese, Beth
Brown, Joyce
Brumfield, Harold
Champagne, Faye
Chautin, Cleveland, Jr.
Collins, Silas
Costanza, Juanita
Crawford, Olivia
Crockett, Donald
DelRio, Carolina
Dewhirst, Ronald
Dilkey, John
Dodson, Alton
Erwin, Marie
Fielding, Richard, Sr.
Fields, Inez
Ford, Gerald
Frederick, Edward, Sr.
Gervais, Linda
Gros, Joseph, Jr.
Guidry, Gladys
Hall, Louis
Hannah, Sharon
Hardy, Wilfred
Harmon, Alice
Hendry, Lois
Herrin, Edward
Holmes, William
Inks, Eileen
Johnson, Phillip
Johnston, Arlin
Kennedy, William, Jr.
Kirksey, Shane
Kivett, Neill, Jr.
LeBlanc, John
Legros, H. Leighton
Lester, Gwendolyn
Lewis, Jack
Mahile, James
McGee, James
McKinnon, Peggy
McManus, Joyce
Meyer, Jonathan
Mire, John
Nelson, Jean
O'Quinn, Lee
Ortiz, Juan
Pena, Joey
Pendleton, Shirley
Penton, Keith
Phillips, Carol
Powell, Linda
Powers, Sandra
Pratt, John, Jr.
Prieto, Preston, Jr.
Provance, Jesse
Reeves, Norma
Risher, Mary
Rose, Larry
Ryan, Harriet
Sage, Michael, Sr.
Sather, Nell
Scholl, Audrey
Sechrist, Wilmer
Smith, Bertram, III
Sternberger, Michael & Tristian
Stowell, William, Jr.
Stringer, Richard
Sullivan, Sharon
Tonnesen, Elizabeth
Tregre, Richard, Jr.
Tyrone, Lorene
Veazey, Lorraine
Voigt, Anna
Walker, Yvonne
Welch, Elizabeth
Whitaker, Betty
Williams, Joseph
Wray, Corra
Youngblood, Margaret


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