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August 2010

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Alford, Dorothy
Allen, David
Anderson, Dale
Anglade, Caroline
Arthur, Edna
Ballenger, Billy
Barras, Edmond
Beau, Robert
Berckes, William
Bergeron, Michelle
Blache, Antoinette
Bissett, Rosemary
Boisdore, Robert
Boudreaux, Matthew
Bruno, Marie
Champagne, Mariene
Cloninger, Meda
Collignon, Dirk
Conroy, Grace
Core, Juanita
Crockett, Bobby
Cummins, Leslie
Dent, William
Dugas, Lucille
Dwyer, Harold, Jr.
Dwyer, Linda
Fallon, Brian
Fontcuberta, Mildred
Fried, Henry, III
George, Della
Greene, Benjamin
Guess, Ingrid
Hales, Nina
Hamers, Willem
Hatley, Bettie
Hsu, Yuan
Illing, Marcella
Jenkins, Louis
Jenkins, Violet
Jennings, Robert
Jones, Elnora
Jones, Robert, Sr.
Jones, Vianne
Jung, Ashton, Jr.
King, Tura
King, Dwight
Labatut, Lawrence, Sr.
Laman, Rose
Lee, Shawn
Leonard, Edward
Lopez, Raymond, Jr.
Magee, Ramsey
Martensson, J. Edward
Martin, Carl
Meiners, Norwood
Meserve, Brandon
Meyer, Ronnie
Mullen, Victory
Newman, June
Nobles, Robert
Oliver, Esther
O'Malley, Henrietta
Palmer, Ann
Palughi, Marie
Pankow, Maryjune
Pecoraro, Robert
Pittman, Harold
Quershi, Ghayas
Rauber, Henry
Reed, Earline
Reiding, Raymond
Rester, Hunter and Abigail
Rito, Frank
Robertson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Dorothy
Rodehorst, Andrea
Savoy, Lillie
Schindler, Helen
Seither, Albon
Stephens, Mary
Stollenwerk, Angela
Stutts, Lois
Swartz, Richard, III
Thompson, Herbert, Jr.
Thornhill, David
Tittle, Tina
Trahan, Agnes
Webb, Green, Jr.
Wichterich, John, Jr.
Wortmann, Alfred, Jr.
Wright, Benny
Wright, Evelyn


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