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May  2010

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Adams, Rae Lynn
Alexander, Mary
Allgood, Sam Sylvester, Jr.
Avants, Nathan "Nate Dog" Charles
Bajon, Jacqueline Maier
Bennett, Joann Chacherie
Bercegay, Viola Nadeen Fell
Boehler, Charles Edward, Jr.
Bourgeois, Myldred Maus
Braiwick, Robert Melvin, Sr.
Brandt, George A., Jr.
Breaux, Susan D.
Brewster, Thomas Edward
Broom, John William
Broussard, Barbara B.
Brown, Robert "Bobby" L., Sr.
Bush, Pete L.
Caillouet, Dianne Marie Ehlers
Carter, Mary Elizabeth Moore
Cialona, Salvador Leonard, Sr.
Clairain, Earl Charles, Jr.
Coerver, Alta McDaniel
Cognevich, Nicholas M., Sr.
Connor, William A.
Cox, Wayne Brendan
Crabtree, Roberta
Desalvo, Clarice Marian Sellers
Dibenedetto, Russell "Rocky" P., III 
Diedrich, Alinda Warner
Driskell, Bettye Coleman Artz
Dunlavy, Blanche Hargis Swayne
Dupre, Eugene, Jr..
Dyer, Robert Thomas "Bobby"
Erminger, Burton, Jr.
Fraser, Patricia "Tricia" Ann Beasley
Fruchtnicht, Scott Anthony "Scotty", Jr.
Giordano, Carlo "CJ" J., Jr.
Gore, Betty Netherland
Gorman, Thelma Barrosse
Graeber, Otera Parris
Green, Lillie B.
Griffin, James Lagrange
Guerra, Rosemary Schaff
Guillott, Jerry Dean Sandifer
Hale, Edna Earl
Hatfield, Steve K.
Hill, Suzanne Aileen Doane
Hogan, Roger James
Holeman, Crystal Leann
Hungerford, Remington Joseph
Jackson, Gordon Orme
Johnson, Eric Rogers
Johnson, Nancy Beers
Jones, Frankie Lane
Jordan, Diane Elizabeth
Juno, Alfred J., Sr.
Konrick, Donal Leo
Krumm, Harold Theodore, Sr.
Lagasse, Marie Lamy
Lapeze, Dorothy Mary
Lee, Frances Jane
Lee, Rev. William H., Jr.
Lusk, Thelma Aguillard
Mahan, Jesse Gene
Manale, Rita Wire
Mangiaracina, Marcia Ann Kesler
Manton, David Jay
Manton, Meghan Buras
Marshall, Washington
Matheson, Winona Hamann Ferris
Matthews, Marie P.
Mayer, Gail Reuter
Mc Arthur, Mildred Wehrli
McLain, Eunice Jenkins
Morgan, John Preston "JP"
Morris, Clyde E. 
Muench, Clemens, Jr.
Murray, Marcella Mountel
Nuccio, Nancy Raybon
O'Rourke, Glenn R.
Padgett, William Thomas "Tom", Sr.
Revere, Ann Morse
Robertson, Gordon Mitchell
Rust, Charles "Bubbie" P., Jr.
Scaife, Jewel Webster
Schlesinger, Catherine
Sharpless, Esther L.
Sheehan, Raymond W., Jr.
Singletary, Donald Ray, Sr.
Singletary, Etta Ruth
Smith, Joseph "Buck"
Songy, Harold Joseph
Sonier, Hilyard
Spongia, Merry C.
Strain, Bella Mae Williber McGuire
Timmereck, Brenda Lynn Pichon
Toups, William "Bill" J., Sr.
Trainor, Antoinette Matto
Tranchina, Sandra Dorothy Cannizzaro
Tullis, Albert Luther
Vaultz, Maryann "Doris" Crawford
Vega, Frances Peterson
Ward, Earl Patrick "Pat"
Willie, Juanita McIntyre
Zeiser, Brenda Jo Cannon


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