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December 2009

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Allen, Mary Celina Cryer
Anselmo, Leonard, Jr.
Anthon, John Gilbert
Barke, Robert Charles
Bennett, Emma Montez
Bennett, Malcom G.
Beran, Clarice Sherman
Blair, Steven C., Jr.
Bond, James Andrew
Booth, Woodrow Isaac
Bordelon, Eugene Joseph
Bracey, Calvin James
Brown, Shelby Olivia
Casanave, Odette Soniat-Dufossat Harrison
Cassaday, Christopher Lee
Cederholm, Perry Duane
Chaplain, Wallace Milton, Sr.
Cook, Ernest Everette, Sr.
Cooper, Myrna Goldate
Cousin, Theresa "Ta-Taz" Dumas
Dashiell, Pam
Dechon, John F.
Dendinger, Louis Robert
Dinapolis, David
Dinstuhl, Max L.
Dubuisson, Ruth Strain
Dykes, Sherwood Mitchell
England, Eloise Wooten
Flynn, Kathleen Joyce Picou
Fruchtnicht, George William, Jr.
Giroir, Evelyn Kolwe
Haley, Virgis Leonard
Hall, Sylvia Patrick
Hanzalik, Erin Lynn
Hathorne, Robert Duane
Helm, Randal Smith "Randy", Sr.
Helton, Delores Hyatt
Hickman, Lyle F.
Hiern, Livingston S.
Howell, Emily Erin
Hufft, Val  Huther            
Jones, Helen Bennett
Just, Gerard August
Keenan, Joyce A.
Knowles, Deborah Ann
Kramer, Phillip Mathias
Lacroix, Alice "Gene"
Lagham, Edgarb
Laplante, Mary Horgen
Latter, Mary Dee
Laurent, Leo Pierre
Lewis, Avis Gelis
Lightell, Ronald "Ronnie" Clark, Sr.
Lightfoot, Roberta Sighinolfi
Locke, Harold Lloyd
Lowery, Fred Harry
Luther, Louise Jessie
Magee, Carlos C., Sr.
Marchand, Joseph A., Sr.
Martin, Lucille Bieller
Matherne, Joyce Dupre
McCullough, Maureen Elizabeth Hanlon
Mendel, Allen Charles
Miller, Wesley W.
Mincher, Kathryn Burleson
Mistich, Charles Louis
Murphy, Carol LeGros
Murray, Arlene lois Swanson
Naylor, Cheryl Ann
Neely, Margaret Ann Fields
Nicholson, James R.
O'Flynn, James "Jimmy" Patrick, Sr.
Olmsted, Lewis L. "Jake"
O'Rourke, William Randall, Jr.
Parker, Virginia "Jenny" Miller
Pearce, Forest McCall "FM", Jr.
Perrone, Althea Eble
Polizzi, Jane Scwartz
Pulling, Nathan Hale, Jr.
Reeves Camille Keating
Revere, Nina L.
Roberts, Brady Dee
Roy, Linda Nix
Scallan, Jude Joseph
Schaller, Mickal Wayne, Sr.
Schindler, Allen Lewis
Sharp, Timothy Steven, II
Sims, Debroah
Slinker, Karl K.
Steimle, Elaine Melancon
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stire, Louis Cashmere "Buster", Sr.
Stockwell, Thomas D., Jr.
Stoneham, Clinton Leo
Tanner, Dorothy "Dotsy" Abney
Terral, William Carter
Theriot, Geraldine Mae
Thomas, Connie Marie
Toney, Ruffin, Jr.
Townsend, Tami Edwards
Vance, Gilda
Vince, Sarah Kelly
Watts, Dudley Cole, Jr.
Wiggins, Geraldine "Gerry"
Williams, Robert Henry "Bob"
Woodward, John "Tim"


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