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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

 Last modified: 24 April 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Anderson, Jacob Austin
Arnett, Scott Joseph
Arnett, Scott Joseph
Blair, Hugh Chamberlin
Bloom, William Anderson, Jr.
Bonnet, Steven Joseph
Bouyer, Eugenia "Jean" Valley
Broom, William Bryan
Brown, Kane Grayson
Brown, Ruby Ortopan
Bruno, Brazile "Noodle" Frank
Cantrell, Carl Guthrie
Carstens, Mimi
Childs, Robin Remmelts
Chisholm, Floyd Earl
Cox, Wanda
Cucinello, Malcolm "Mac" Joseph
Dale, Margaret Doxley
Delatte, Henry Joseph, Jr.
Downs, Robert Franklin, Jr.
Doyle, Elaine A. Ziegler
Duckert, Milton A., Jr.
Eason, Albert B.
Edge, Penny Sue Williams
Falk, Aline Augusta Lauter
Folse, Patricia Ann Kennedy "Patsy"
Fontenot, Joseph "Jason"
Frazier, Charline Chapman
Gaines, Carolyn Tyrney
Galatas, Maurice Dudley
Gavin, Isabelle Claire Indest
Goldberg, Bernard Joseph
Grosskopf, Robert E., Sr.
Guidry, Bridget Stack
Haggard, Cecil William, Sr.
Haley, Regina Eileen
Harper, Mary Ruth Wade
Hayes, Avis Elizabeth Mitchell
Hezeau, Lester "Honey" Fredrick, Jr.
Holley, Godfrey "Bubby" A., Sr.
Hurd, Jacqueline "Jackie" Marie Bogle
Jourdan, John M.
Kelly, Cynthia "Cindy" Jerman
Lamia, Orenia Margaret Bertrand
Landry, James Edward
Lape, Willard O.
Lavigne, Jerry Chris
LeBlanc, Louis Alfred Jr.
Lefebre, Chase Brondum
Lynch, Patricia Lee
Maddox, Dwight James
Martin, Curtis, E.
Martino, Nicholas "Nick" Joseph, III
Matranga, Vincent Anthony
McCardle, Jennifer Kay Levens
Michalik, Felina Moore
Miller, Dianne Hopkins
Mock, David Franklin
Montgomery, John B., Jr.
Oubre, Allison Marie
Overton, Clayton Justus, Jr.
Payton, Angel
Pena, Humberto G. "Bert"
Peterson, Hattie Smooth
Petree, Alan David
Pichon, Enola Jolly
Pittman, Jackie "Jack" Jewell
Preis, John Fabre
Redman, Mary Francis
Rednour, Rodney C.
Reed, Marjorie Mae Mendel
Robinson, Nevada May
Ruiz, Mary Helen
Santi, Victor A.
Sessions, Thomas Eugene
Silva, Lutgardo Vincent
Smith, Leroy, Lovering
Snyder, John Henry
Stains, Donald Richard
Stanga, Michelle Metevier
Stein, Kenneth P.
Strahl, Gary Lee
Talley, Hubert E.
Trosclair, Bernadette Marie Tabony
Tusa, Frank Thomas
Tyler, Clayton Redden
Veazey, Marjorie Ritter
Vicari, Joseph Peter
Wactor, Douglas Lee
Wenck, Bruce
White, Irene
Willie, Donovan "Donnie" S.
Wilson, Rita Rice
Wood, Diane Holifield

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