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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

 Last modified: 24 April 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Acosta, Guilford, "Gil" Joseph
Adams, Dorothy June
Atwood, Dolores Touchstone
Baker, Maurice "Moe" Edmond
Bell, Julia Mori
Benge, Bill Ray
Bernard, Jessie "Merel"
Blackwell, Hezzie Donice "H.D."
Blakeman, Michael Ward, Sr.
Blondeau, Thais Seghers
Brigham, Mary "Molly" Perryman
Brown, Matthew Scott
Budde, Raymond Wayne
Burgess, Dale LeBlanc
Burkart, James Henry
Burns, Lilo Garske
Carmody, Carol Herington
Chetta, Anthony
Ciresi, Ouida Fay Sticker
Clifford, Norma Mannint
Cole, Shirley Smith
Collins, Gerald Wayne
Collins, Stella J.
Coppola, Joseph, Jr.
Copsey, Steven Charles
Cromp, Noeman Howard
Crowe, Morvin Trent
Delle, Anna May Polit
Dognibene, Victor L.
Dragon, Timothy James, Jr.
Dumas, Gloria Even
Ellis, Lawrence Hurst, Jr.
Famularo, Vincent Joseph, Jr.
Favorita, Rita Pizzitola
Folks, Kathryn Hayden
Frey, Albert Jules, Sr.
Frierson, Timothy Shane
Galiano, Dominick, Jr.
Grinnell, Alice Richardson
Haskins, Kim Purdy
Hasselbeck, Melvin
Hellmers, Sandra Ann
Hingle, Rita Dorvin
Holliday, Ola Olena Youngblood
Irvin, Dennie Lee
Jackson, Dawn Emma Stewart
Jenkins, Carl Hebert
Jenkins, Dolores Ddee" Lincoln Jenkins
Johnson, Edgar Adam "Poochie/Buck", Jr.
Jones, Paulette Marie Tisdale
Kelly, John E., Jr.
Kimbrell, Merrial Jo Ingram
Kocur, Henry A.
Labatut, Virginia Ruth Weinfurter
Laird, Lynd, Brooks
Lamy, Gerard "Gerry"
Landry, Jason Paul
Larsen, Miriam Lambert
Leon, Aldo Christobal
Maddry, Shirley Burg
Mangus, Raymond Virgil, Sr.
Marino, Theda Montie
McCarthy, Rosalie
McCormick, Margaret Warner
McMahan, Joseph C. "Joe", Jr.
McMullen, Frank Calhoun, Jr.
Meazell, Novalee Lucille
Milan, Edwin Albert
Miller, Fritz J.
Morgan, Cleo Louise Smith
Naquin, Russell Paul, Jr.
Navarre, Helen Giroir
Patrick, Lucile Yeager
Quave, Doris Land
Reed, Ralph Kenneth "Ken", Jr.
Rudesill, Marion Sue Strain
Schiffers, Gottfried
Scogin, Gerald "Jerry"
Sharp, Todd Allen
Skias, Elizabeth Wischan
Thomas, Vera Parker
Thompson, Chrystal Lynette Simons
Tilley, Fred L
Trinkle, Alfred
Vitrano, Ruth Bennett
Voss, William Norris
Waguespack, Odell Hall
Waller, Clarise Abadie
Wierer, Michael Alan
Wild, Genevieve Hahn
Wilkins, Charles Ray
Wilson, Bernyce "Bee" Nelson
Winkleman, John "Jack", III
Wright, George E.
Yates, Robert Lynn
Yencho, Marie

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