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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

 Last modified: 24 April 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Abney, Ramond Robert, Sr.
Ajubita, Agustin Domingo
Billingsley, Michaelann Doty
Blackwell, Jackqueline Ann
Borgstede, June Rivet
Brown, Marion H. Schoor
Buckner, William Edwin
Caillet, Brent Patrick
Campora, Concettina Marie Lombardo
Clark, Betty Ann Pichon
Coleman, Richard Aubrey
Cook, Joan M.
Cousins, Martin
Crawford, Mattie Carol
Cuff, Thomas A.
Darling, Sandra Lee "Cooter" Hathcock Bosworth
Dowling, Annabelle
Drago, Pascal John, Jr.
Ducote, Clifford
Dunleavy, Mildred Heartsfield
DuQuesnay, Stuart Brock
Edgecombe, Geneva Mary
Evans, Lindsey Cook, Jr.
Favorita, Rita Pizzitola
Fleming, Evelyn Saxon
Floyd, Velma G.
Fontenot, Joseph C., Sr.
Foster, Estelle Brizzolara
Grass, George Dewy, Jr.
Griffin, Zion Jace
Guillory, Edward Hamilton
Guillot, Rae Ann Duplaisir
Hamilton, Judith Kay Turnage
Hebert, Jeffrey "Jeff" James
Hendricks, Billy James
Hood, John Arla
Huffman, Edith Edna LeBlanc
Hughes, James "Jim" W., III
Jenkins, Reuble E.
Kelly, Jean Grace
Kennedy, Julia Mae McKean
Keyes, Betty Lou
Knight, Mary Ellen Hipp
Kraemer, Ardele Frances Robinson
Krohn, Frances Dematteo
Markey, John Charles
Matterson, Robin Lee
Matthews, Dannie Lee Addison Mailhos
Mayeux, Nicholas Joseph
Mayne, Ursula Landry "fifi"
Miller, Donald B.
Newman, John Robert
Nowlin, Robert Bradford "Bob"
Orgeron, Warrene Elizabeth Fairfield
Osgood, Frances Messina
Prattini, Gloria
Rabalais, Floyd P.
Revere, Rena Katie Hanks
Revere, Rena Katie Hanks
Revere, Violet R.
Robinson, David Earl "Turtle
Roy, Jimmy W.
Sanders, Charlene L.
Scholl, Arthur "Mickey", Jr.
Segraves, Ronnie Lee
Simon, Dorothy Kelleher
Snell, Elmer Alvin
Stich, William P., Jr.
Sturm, Elizabeth "Lizzy" Ann Marie
Thornton, Frederick Thomas
Trapani, Pearl Eleanor Johnson
Tullos, Patsy Bernice
Vallette, Hilda Reynaud
Vincent, Dorothy "Dottie" Wiggin
Vorbeck, Jane Claire Gavin
Weber, Anna Marie Bertram Turner
White, DorothyJean Walters
Willis, Rachel Pitre

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