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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

 Last modified: 24 April 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Adams, David "Bubba" Matthew, III
Alt, Eva Senac Gement
Anthony, Maliah Miley
Baham, Marie Angeletti
Belloni, Robert Joseph
Broyl, Jack Henry, Sr.
Burchardt, Paul Elmer
Carter, Bob
Champagne, Thomas Joseph "Sonny", Jr.
Chesne, Sue Chapman
Crow, Thurman Andrew
Cyr, Arthur Paul
Danos, Joseph "Jay" Adlard
Diggs, Nellie White
Dimitry, Elizabeth "Betty" Styer
Dixon, Overton "Ralph"
Dore, John Baptiste "JB", Sr.
Duffy, Dennis Michael
Eisler, Ryan Joseph
Ermert, Raymond Herbez
Erwin, Marci Lee
Fitzsimons, Robert John
Fullilove, Carl Lathan, Sr.
Gainey, Jewell Louise Sanarans
Galloway, Clyde
Givens, Inez Bertaut
Guarino, Marguerite Burt
Hamberger, Ruth Mary
Hardy, Russell E.
Hollis, Wanda
Jeanfreau, Amanda Arnold
Junot, Kim Southall
Keith, Betty Lee
Kennedy, Helen Louise Everette
Klein, Bernard Joseph
Lake, Wilfred Turner, Jr.
Landry, Catherine Elizabeth Benoit
Landry, Margaret H.
Laurent, April Esmae
Mack, Sarah Janet Pollock Wyman
Marchand, Renelda Mary
Meyer, Ethel M.
Mitchell, John Robert
Mulligan, Gloria Margaret Webb
Palazzolo, Joseph
Palmer, Willie A.
Patch, Maurice P.
Pellow, William R., Sr.
Phillippi, Katherine "Kate/Kay" Wheat
Poole, George Adin
Revere, Vennie Sharp
Reynolds, Jessye Bennett
Saavedra, Rodrigo Manuel, III
Schmitt, Leatrice Van
Shields, John James "Jack"
Strickland, Blanche
Thompson, Kathleen Jean
Touchet, Marcus John
Toups, Mary Elizabeth Martino
Ulrich, Claus Dieter
Vaccaro, John
Williams, Clemence Mazeres
Witt, Daniel, Jr.
Zanca, John "Johnny" Dennis

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