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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

 Last modified: 24 April 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Adams, Charles S.
Allen, Jessica
Barnes, Perry Daniel
Bartholomew, Misty Goldston
Bauman, Kathy Jenkins
Bergeron, Denis Paul, Sr.
Biggs, Lucy Ann Thomas
Bomboy, Mary Verna
Bounds, Etta Mae Perkins
Carriere, Kermit
Champagne, Freddie Pierce, Sr.
Chastant, Joseph J., Sr.
Childress, Charles Oscar
Cook, Henry Thomas
Cooper, Donald Ray
Creech, Neva Felker
Crowe, Daniel Raven
Davis, Leslie Gerald
Emerick, Nancy
Faulk, Woodruff Word "Woody"
Festervand, Patricia Anne
Fox, Joan B. Davis
Garrett, James Birney
Gleason, James Joseph, III
Harrington, Charles "Grady"
Harvel, Christine Moore
Hatley, Albert "Roy", Sr.
Hellmers, Earl Henry, Sr.
Hennerichs, Lawrence A.
Hennessey, Guy Bernard, Jr.
Herd, Bill Edward
Jackson, Troy
Johnson, Frank M., III
Kendall, Dolores Templet
Kullman, Russell M. H.
Laurent, Christopher J., Sr.
Law, John Charles
LeBlanc, Grace Elizabeth Bourgeois
Lockhart, Johnny Harrison
Londot, Florence "Gayle" Moran
Lusk, Luther Clyde "Skip", Jr.
Lustaunau, Paul John, III
Massarini, William T.
McDaniel, Robert Lee
McNeely, John Norris, III
Metevier, Norma Jenkins
Meyers, John "Country Boy", Jr.
Moran, Theodore
Murry, Esther B.
Nash, Nancy Virginia
Navaille, Reginald Philip
Olivier, Edward J., Sr.
O'Quinn, Nolton "Don"
Palazzo, Lynne G.
Parker, Clarence
Parker, Larence
Powell, Natalie Elaine
Ratcliff, Aubrey Ken, Sr.
Roden, James Wesley Latiolais
Saulsberry, Vera L. Brown
Sawyer, Clyde Lee, Jr.
Sheldon, Ann Brooks
Shell, Jack W.
Singletary, Beatrice
Smith, Estelle
Smith, Jordon Charles
Smith, Sharon Kay
Stuart, Edna Mae Thompson
Tauzier, Walter D.
Thompson, Cora "Dee Dee" Loyd
Wallace, Virgie Frances Bienvenu
Warriner, Alfred L., Jr.
Waterhouse, Michael David
Weir, Jay Eugene
Wheat, Ruth Veillon
White, Susan Elaine Koch
Wiggins, Henry
Willie, Carleen Joiner
Wilson, Darrell Lee
Windom, Ruth Louise McLain Stewart
Yaremko, Camilla Frances Jastremski

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