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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 16 March 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Akkawi, Claire
Beck, David E.
Bishop, Dorothy Bernard
Buckley, William Peter, Jr.
Buell, Verna Lusk
Buendia, Brian Joseph
Caccard, John A. "Jack"
Cason, Virdies Ferrell
Collins, Hugh Lucas
Davis, Blanche Marie Contadellucci
DiLeo, Jonathan Stephen
Dunaway, Helen Grace Rodriguez
Edwards, Joan M.
Ernce, L. R. "Scotty"
Evans, Vonnie Ruth
Fayard, John F.
Fontenot, Ruby
Franck, Steven Randolph, Jr.
Fuller, Elma Glockner Faciane
Graham, Jean M.
Grogan, James "Jim" J.
Hackney, Mark Allen Barlow
Hall, Leona Krueger
Herrick, Robert Ross, Jr.
Herring, Laura Evelyn
Hrivnak, Andrew Paul "Andy"
Jenkins, Jackson Maurice, Jr.
Joseph, Carmelite Schulte
Kelly, Hugh John
Kennedy, Joe Floyd, Sr.
Kollister, Michael "Mike" Joseph
Kubancsek, Kenneth William
Labiche, Diane Chuchill
Ladouceur, Raymond Patrick
Lawrence, Glenda Rae Stein
Lewis, Sybil R.
Lorando, Roger
Lowe, Wade Hampton
Maher, Thomas Ignatius
Malone, Elizabeth
Marcotte, Curley Louis, Jr.
McArthur, Howard, Jr.
McDaniel, Sharon Kay Busby
Melancon, Evan Joseph, Jr.
Mizell, Daniel J.
Morse, Alma Perrilloux
Nelson, Cheryl Regina
Niver, Billie Jean Rains
Nunez, Charles "Cut"
O'Brien, Charles L.
O'Bryant, John Isaac
Penot, Theodore Vincent
Price, Thomas Parish
Quave, Pansy Baughman
Reese, Marion Earle
Rizzo, Mary Frances
Rudesill, Louise Octavia LeBlanc
Rushin, Janet Leigh
Schaefer, Leon, Jr.
Stampley, Diana
Swords, Erica Lynn
Villere, Denise Nicaud
Walker, Jordan Leigh
Walker, Sharon L.
Warner, Hilda Smith
Weaver, James Charles
Wesley, Dorothy D.

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