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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 16 March 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Allday, Geneva Willis
Aucoin, Larry Dale
Bascle, Lewis Gerard, Jr.
Bechac, Albert Denis
Beter, David Gerard
Bethala, Mary S.
Brady, Arlene Coleman
Bridges, Mabel Clara
Clifton, Gretchen Ann Picou
Conerly, Z. Richard "Rock"
Craddock, Gregory Elvin, Sr.
Crosby,Robert  H., Jr.
Darby, Rossie E.
Deichmann, Betty Gindrat
DeLuca, Anthony Michael
DiMaio, Yvonne Loup
Doyle, Patrick Jodeph, Sr.
Ducre, Sidney B.
Dunn, Roland Joseph, Jr.
Dupuy, Wayne Andrew
Edwards, William H., Jr.
Garretson, Suphrona H. "Fronie"
Gerth, Roger Wilson
Goff, Patricia "Pat" Fisher
Hales, David Edgar
Jaco, Fisher Allen
Jensen, Allen H.
Jones, Lea May
Ladner, Richard "Richie" Eugene, Jr.
Little, Sophie
Matthieu, Linda Campbell Rogers
McGinnis, Ingeborg
Monroe, Tristyn Lynn
Napier, Frankie Hanchey
Normand, Claudia Charvonnet
Oddo, Vincent Anthony "Vinnie"
Phillips, Susan Knight
Platt, Maxine Sheehy
Plauche, Christopher Robert
Popich, Dolores Mary Schroeder
Rucker, Debra Inez McGregor
Salas, Raymond Ruiz, Sr.
Schindler, Nannette Mohr
Schoenberger, Helena
Schurr, Lolita Baas
Sciortino, Lois Frazier
Scogin, Thelma Ouder
Sharp, Doris Evelyn Gottschalk
Spinks, Ronald E.
Stevens, Prentiss
Stillwell, Robert Lee "Bobby", Sr.
Stogner, Jimmie Earlene Mathews
Stokes, Karen Marie
Swenson, Edith Wood
Talley, Martin "Marty", Sr.
Vidrine, Virdlea Anthony
Voigt, Adolph Ettinne, Jr.
Walsh, Catherine McCoy
Watts, Martha Ruth "Maw Maw"

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