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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 16 March 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Anderson, Rosemary Ricketts
Anderson, William Robert, Sr.
Basse, Burton Vincent
Beshoner, Russell Eugene
Beter, Winifred Pretty "Pat"
Broders, Gloria Neubeck
Burns, Bryan D. "Billy", Jr.
Clifton, Gretchen Ann Picou
Collins, Helen Sandifer
Cook, Billy Barnett
Cox, Daniel Gene
Crawford, Loretta
Cunningham, Jane Elaine Daly
Cutrell, Clifford "Lonnie", Jr.
Downey, Lorene Burnes
Durel, Frances "Al" Alpheus, Sr.
Edwards, Benny Joseph
Faciane, Dixie Yeargin
Falkenstein, Shirley Stewart
Farley, Wanda Sue
Fontenelle, Wayne Thomas
Frederick, Charles A., Jr.
Gardner, May Margaret LaFrance
Giardina,Joan Sybil Dubuisson
Gioia, Joseph C., Sr.
Guarino, William J. "Bill", Jr.
Heintz, Ellen Riggs
Henry, Ronald Anthony "Coach"
Hodges, Charles W.
Hunt, Alvin Ellis
Jones, Carroll
Key, Robert Lee "Bobby", Jr.
Knight, Richard "Dusty" Clayton
Kreger, Rudolph E., Jr.
Lazaro, Robert "Bobby" Lee, Sr.
Lewis, Robert Burton
Maddalozzo, Elaine LaHodney
Mazariegos, Jaun Jose
McCrea, Wanda Ann Addison
McDonald, Marie Louise Jacob
McManus, Roy D. "Tookie", Jr.
Mengel, Gordon
Mixon, Janet Berry
Monlezun, Zelda Bossier
Morse, Charles Thates "Bud"
Norwood, Maurzella Pierce
Ray, Shanna L.
Rhoades, Olaf
Schulingkamp, Dennis Emile
Scott, Joseph W., Jr.
Soneff, Agnes Perret
Sterling, Kelly Elizabeth Morris
Steward, Kenneth
Stritzinger, Emanuel, Jr.
Sweet, Bertha "Betty" Jeannette Cassanova

Valois, Thomas Todd
Waldrop, Billy L.
Ward, Benjamin James, III
Watkins, Rebecca Dianne
Watson, Anna Johnson Lambert
Wood, Nathan Turner
Zoller, John Harold, Jr.

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