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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 16 March 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Alford, Alton "Bob" D.
Alford, James M
Allen, Bill
Anglada, Frank Lawrence
Batiste, Rose D.
Bennet, James Allen
Blossman, Dorothy Coole
Calvin, Genevieve "Genny" Krizek
Campbell, Claire Bieller
Carite, Joan Sundmaker
Charbonnet, Sidney J., Jr.
Cole, Steven Mark
Cox, Margaret Alice
Delaune, Peter Michael
Dragna, Ann Louise Mahoney
Drury, Elizabeth Quinn "Betty"
Dufour, Allen
Durrett, George Anna Younger
Estopinal, Wilbert
Evans, Maggie B.
Fitzgerald, Noelie Marie LeBlanc
Forbes, Jo Anne Curl
Guidera, Rosalie
Hardy, Ralph James "Buddy", Jr.
Harper, Nellie Hebert
Harvel, Matthew Vernon
Herbert, Christen "Chrissy" Nicole
Higgins, Gary
Hill, Edna Faye Smith
Holley, Donald Christopher "Big Chris", Jr.
King, Curtis Carter
Kingston, Kevin L., Sr.
Kuhn, Bryant Douglas "Doug"
Kuhn, Wherley, Sr.
Lea, Rufus Upton, Jr.
Leibbrand, Jeffrey Brian
Lewis, Michael Irvin
Lyons, Ileana
Marquette, Omer
McKenzie, Wilda Dillon
Montgomery, Mildred Sinoneaux
Morgan, Greer G.
Pisciotta, Tena Ann
Plaisance, Donald Anthony, Sr.
Raiford, Doris Bourgeois

Ratcliff, Lanier "Tank" Fitzgerald
Rogers, Alan Leo
Sampere, Alice Rosalie Mancuso
Sawyer, Gale
Scaife, Norman Caldwell
Scott, Judith Lee
Selzer, Mabel McMahon
Shelby, Marilyn Challman
Smith, Nicholas "Nick" Peter
St. Pe, Lucie
Strain, Kristina Michelle
Swanson, Mary Drane
Thompson, Robert Samuel
Vandilla, Ruby Frances
Vaughn, Katie H.
Venturella, Betty Davis "PITA"
Villere, Mireille D'Aquin
Watson Glenda Rose McPherson
Watson, Kathleen B. Hunter
Weller, Jeanne Fern Tanet
Williams, Jacqueline Baham
Wymer, Emelie LeBlanc

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