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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for St. Tammany Parish. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis

Last modified: 16 March 2011

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date.
Allen, Patricia Cooper
Anderson, Douglas J
Anderson, Yhomas Ann
Badon, John Logan "Pop", Jr.
Behrens, Margaret "Peggy" Sullivan
Bolton, Wanda Williamson
Bourgeois, Claire Jeanfreau
Bourgeois, Rollo Joseph, Jr.
Braddy, Virginia May "Ginny" Miller
Bradley, Judith Gregory
Bruseth, Elsie
Carey, James Charles, Sr.
Carter, Theresa Gail Neal
Coffey, John Robert, Sr.
Crotin, Joseph Leonard, Jr.
Cressend, John B. "Jack", Jr.
Curran, Leona Catherine Ott
DeBrock, Lorraine Magdelene
Elvington, Silva Jean
Ferguson, Norma Rose Penton
Foil, Kathleen
Halvorsen, Lucille "Grace"
Hebert, Anna Natalie Goodwyn
Herrmann, Helen Anna June
Heyer, Klaus
Irwin, Mary Weaver Doherty
Jameson, Velma Marie Rodrigue Richard
Jepsen, Claire Champagne
Jones, Marie Potts
Kimball, Ralph Herbert
Knight, Joann Kuhn
Lapari, Helen
LeBlanc, Robert Bruce
Mahoney, Joseph Bernard, Jr.
Manchester, Mildred Souder
Mayo, Glinda Davis
McDonald, Sarah "Sally" Pelle
McLain, Margaret Gail Milros
Merritt, Ridgley Bryant, Sr.
O'Connor, Joan Mary Noonan
Oko, Dorothy Stella
Pass, Ralph Barton, Sr.
Philips, Daniel Joseph, Jr.
Pichon, Larry Wayne
Ponceti, Arnoldina "Dina" Marie Albrecht
Reese, Jules Edward, Jr.
Reeves, Amanda Morehead
Samples, Judy Parker
Shows, Lois Ann
Singletary, Larry Oliver
Stellingworth, Theresa "Terry" Grady
Suarez, Lacy "Lee" A., Jr.
Svebek, Bessie Ann Pacholik
Tucker, Margaret
Wadkins, Lloyd E.
Walker, Donald Marrero
Weaver, Billy W., Jr.
Wheelock, Diane Boren

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